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The Forspoken final boss has leaked online, watch out for spoilers!

It's like, all over the place.

Forspoken’s ending has leaked online. Square Enix is attempting to take down clips, but like a sailor bailing water from a sinking boat, new clips keep on flooding the internet. If you want to remain spoiler-free, be careful!

These clips, featuring the full final boss of Forspoken, come only a week after much of the game’s opening was also revealed ahead of launch. Looking through posts on hubs for leaks such as Reddit, one can easily find the ending, even if Square Enix is doing its damndest to take down videos where it finds them.

Check out the cinematic trailer for Forspoken here!

We obviously won’t go into what the final boss is, but those of you out there eager to try the game out yourself should beware social media for the foreseeable future. A stray retweet or random post recommended to you could very well take the surprise out of the game’s final act. Better play it safe, and take precautions.

Recently, PC specs for Forspoken were released that were… a tad on the high-end, a good ways above what many were expecting for sure. On top of that, the PS5 version file size for the Forspoken also are quite hefty, so don’t think that a fancy console allows you to dodge technical hurdles buddy, Forspoken is giving out licks to one and all.

If you’re curious of our opinion on the game, we shared our review of Forspoken today! You can find out exactly what we think of it by clicking the link above. That's if, like, you'd be chill with that or whatever.

Are you going to go out of your way to hide away from leaks as Forspoken nears its release? Or are you going hunting for that nefarious footage? Let us know, below.

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