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Forspoken PC patch addresses technical issues, graphics, and features

Luminous is on the case.

Luminous Productions has released a patch for Forspoken on PC and promises more updates are coming.

The patch addresses several technical issues and makes graphical adjustments.

On PC, an issue where the side button setting can't be deleted for the five-button mouse configuration was fixed, an issue with system text was addressed, a crash will no longer occur when using a specific GPU, and screens should no longer flicker when using specific Intel GPUs.

The audio issue that caused unintended noise has been addressed, the UI display size has been adjusted for the Steam Deck when the resolution is set to 1280 x 800, and various other fixes were implemented.

Graphical adjustments include an update to settings to cap the number of displayed NPCs when the Model Detail Level is set to Low. The patch also updated certain objects' graphics that appear on the New York map.

Feature updates include one to the system that now accepts the button inputs from the controller, even when multiple controllers are connected to the PC. The patch version will be displayed on the game's title screen, and clickable areas for menu entries were widened for mouse inputs.

The studio also took to Twitter to state it is listening to player feedback and is working to make improvements to overall performance, graphics, playability, and general updates and fixes to game content across PC and PS5.

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