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Forspoken Poppet Locations: Where to chase all the cats

Feline fun on the streets of Cipal

If there’s one thing Forspoken teaches us about Frey it’s that she loves cats. Lucky for her, there are plenty of feline friends to meet around Cipal, and that relationship nets her one of the cuter types of collectibles hidden around Athia: Poppets.

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These blue-hatted little gnome statues can be traded for useful rewards, but you will have to complete multiple side quests throughout your entire journey with Forspoken to collect them all.

As you progress through the game, new Poppet locations are revealed to you by chasing cats around Cipal. There are nine cats you need to follow in total to grab all of the Poppets and you will need to take a trip with all of them to bag every reward on offer.

It feels like a bit of a missed opportunity that all of the Poppets are the same and not Easter Eggs referencing Square Enix’s massive library of other beloved series, but at least you can get some of Forspoken’s best gear quite easily.

Something important to remember is that because of the changing world state throughout the course of Forspoken, the side quests - called “Detours” - are missable and you need to complete them pretty much as soon as they appear on the map. To avoid missing out on the items you want, and the trophy you get for buying everything, make sure you finish each chase once it unlocks.

Also, you only get access to the final three Poppet locations in the post-game of Forspoken. This means if you want the most expensive cloak, Stranith, before the main story ending of the game you can only spend one on another item and save the other five.

Here’s where to find all of the Poppets in Forspoken, as well as the rewards you can trade them for. While we’re at it, here is a mild spoiler warning for descriptions of story events without context.

All Forspoken Poppet Locations

  • Chase the Calico Cat - Take the Detour in the east of Cipal before you leave the city for the guild in Dead Man’s Ledge
  • Chase the Black and White Cat part 1 - Found next to Cipal rotunda after your first encounter with Tanta Sila
  • Chase the Grey Cat part 1 - Found in the northwest of Upper Cipal after your first encounter with Tanta Sila
  • Chase the Black and White Cat part 2 - Found in the meadow after you learn about the Tantas and gain access to the Cipal Archives
  • Chase the Striped Cat part 1 - Found in the grove where you find Robian post-Sila
  • Chase the Striped Cat part 2 - Found in the east of the upper city, post-Sila and after you’ve done the first part
  • Chase the Grey Cat part 2 - Found by the front gate to Cipal in the post-game
  • Chase the Black Cat part 1 - Found next to the main entrance of Cipal upper city in the post-game
  • Chase the Black Cat part 2 - Found next to the lake in the southeast of Cipal in the post-game after you’ve completed the first part

Forspoken Poppet rewards

While there are only a few items you can get for Poppets in Forspoken, they’re all pretty good.

Pelerine is a useful early-game cloak with a great ability which helps to keep Frey healthy and can still be useful in the late-game when you have other gear which makes getting criticals easier.

Because of this, we’d probably recommend getting Pelerine early, rather than saving up five Poppets to get Stranith before the post game (although Stranith does give you an absolutely huge health boost alongside its reduction to negative status effects.

  • Nugget - 1 Poppet - Used to upgrade amount of healing draughts carried
  • Pelerine Cloak - 1 Poppet - Critical Hits can restore health
  • Bumbershoot - 2 Poppets - Rare resource
  • Stranith Cloak - 5 Poppets - Debuffs on self recover more quickly

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