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Naughty Dog shares The Last of Us multiplayer teaser image, thinks there's "more story to tell" in the future

No confirmation on whether to expect a Part 3 or not.

Naughty Dog doesn't seem to be finished with The Last of Us franchise, if a quote from Neil Druckmann is anything to go by.

Speaking in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter regarding HBO's The Last of Us series, the studio's co-president said there is still "more story to tell" within the franchise.

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While this isn't confirmation of The Last of Us Part 3 or anything, it sounds reassuring, and also adds to comments made by Druckmann in 2020 that confirmed a story outline was already written for a third game.

While the story would explore a bit of what happens after The Last of Us 2, Druckmann was quick to note Part 3 was not currently in development, and that the team is well aware it will need to stick to "structural and thematic themes" inherent with Part 2.

The Last of Us multiplayer teaser image

Regarding what Naughty Dog currently has in the works, Druckmann recently shared new concept art of the upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer game, which the studio promises will be a "fresh, new experience," and one rooted in its "passion for delivering incredible stories, characters, and gameplay."

Fans of the franchise and those looking forward to the multiplayer version can expect an official reveal of the game later in the year.

The Last of Us multiplayer game is being handled by The Last of Us Part 2 designer Vinit Agarwal, as well as Anthony Newman and Joe Pettinati, lead designer and creative director at Naughty Dog, respectively.

Druckmann also revealed that as of December 2022, The Last of Us franchise, which turns 10 in June, has sold through more than 37 million copies globally.

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