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The Last of Us 2 safe codes and combinations - all safe locations

All the safe codes and their locations in The Last of Us 2.

Ellie collecting loot from an open safe after inputting the combination in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered on PS5
Image credit: Naughty Dog
Update: The Last of Us Part 2 has been remastered for PS5, but the safe codes, combinations and locations are still the same as the original release. We've checked the information in this page and refreshed the featured image to make sure it's up-to-date!

Since the collapse, post-apocalyptic Seattle is a repository full of old-world loot just waiting for Ellie to scavenge - if she can find it. To keep yourself supplied and your ammo belt stocked, you'll want to track down every secure location and crack all of the safes in The Last of Us 2.

If only it was as simple as just picking what you wanted. In this guide, we’ll not only talk you through how to get all the safe codes by searching the environment, but also highlight the safe combinations themselves if you just want to skip the legwork. There's also a video version of our The Last of Us 2 safe codes guide below.

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If you need further help hunting down each TLOU2 safe and cracking the combination, we’ve got screenshots below of every safe location in The Last of Us 2. We’ve also got detailed explanations on where you’ll find all safes, how to get to them, and the exact codes you’ll need to open them up.

The Last of Us 2 safe codes and combinations

The Last of Us 2 Safe Combinations
Patrol Safe 1Jackson07-20-13
Bank Vault CombinationDay 160-23-06
Gate West 2Day 104-51
Courthouse SafeDay 186-07-22
Underground Door CombinationDay 115243
"Staci Good Time" Thrift Store SafeDay 155-01-33
Auto Repair Garage Hillcrest SafeDay 230-82-65
Wedding Date Safe CodeDay 210-08-83
Weston's Pharmacy SafeDay 238-55-23
Boat Stash SafeDay 370-12-64

Jackson safe combinations

Patrol safe 1 combination

This safe can be found when you’re clearing out the first load of infected with Dina around the top floor of the supermarket. You will find a note that says, "Combo is the date my good boy got Employee of the Month." Nearby, there's a picture of a sweet dog on the desk.

Now go back outside the room and into the corridor. Here you’ll find an Employee of the Month chart. Look for the dog and you’ll see he got the award in July 2013.

That means the safe code is 07-20-13. You’ll find some gun parts and supplements inside.

Day 1 safe combinations

Bank vault combination

In the south of the Seattle Downtown hub area - which we have a full page on here - you can find the combination for the vault in the bank on a note called Bank Heist Plans. Now head over to the Safety Deposit Room.

The vault code is 60-23-06. Inside you will find the Pump Shotgun and Nathan Drake’s ring.

Gate West 2 safe combination

You can find this on Madison Street near the top left of the map. You have to squeeze through a small gap. The code is 04-51, which is the old code for Gate West 2 on your gate codes journal page.

Courthouse safe combination

Inside the courthouse, once you’ve passed the first load of infected, you’ll come downstairs to a dark corridor with metal detectors, and on your left, there’s an office. Smash the window and climb into the office to find the safe underneath.

You can see the combination for the safe - 86-07-22 - on a whiteboard nearby.

You’ll find supplements and gun parts inside.

"Staci good time" Thrift store safe combination

In the tripwire area with Dina, as you advance you’ll eventually see Wellwishes thrift store on your left. Tiptoe around the outside of the tree next to the front door to avoid the booby-trap, then grab the Bizzarebra Superhero card from the children’s bookshelf on the left-hand side of the room.

In this area, open the door at the back of the room and pick up the note from the corkboard on your right. The note gives you the hint that the combination to a nearby safe is the last six digits of Staci’s phone number, but the bottom is ripped.

You’ll find the safe in another side room through the left-hand door. Scaredy-cats prepare yourself before you enter.

The safe combo is 55-01-33, which you find graffitied on the wall of a nearby bathroom - “call Staci for a good time - (206) 555-0133.

Underground door combination

Near where you found the Dr. Daniela Star trading card, there’s a locked door that requires a combination to enter. Around the corner from the door you will find a note that says, “Hey Dewey - Forget the code again? Get me a soda and the code is yours! - V.”

Nearby there’s a vending machine with a soda can inside - smash the glass to pull it out and examine it.

A note attached to the can reads, “The code is 1-5-2-?-? - Okay, enough hints. If you can’t figure the rest out, I’m with the wrong man. Enjoy!” By process of elimination, you can figure out the door code is 15243. You’ll find ammo, supplements, and other supplies inside.

Day 2 safe combinations

Auto repair garage Hillcrest safe combination

In the area after the first encounter with the WLF and their dogs, you will be in another street that’s taken over by infected. There’s a bunch of shops, including a tattoo parlour. Outside the back of the tattoo parlour, there’s an Auto Repair shop with a door blocked by a dumpster.

Move the dumpster away from the door, place a mine and open the door before legging it away. The mine will take care of some of the runners inside and you can use the shotgun to pick the rest off. Inside you will find a safe.

To find the combination, head into the shop opposite the front door of the tattoo parlour. From there enter the bar and kill the shambler and infected inside, then go into the kitchen there and grab a note from the whiteboard.

The auto repair safe code is 30-82-65. Inside the safe you’ll find a Short Gun Holster, as well as some ammo and gun parts.

Wedding date safe combination

After Ellie sets off on her mission to the hospital, she cuts through a supermarket and passes a bar, Kingsgate Brewing, on the left, and an office building with the rope swing puzzle to get past a locked door on the right. Further up the road there’s an optional apartment building on your left.

Walk up to door, then look down the stairs to your right to see the crawl space entry. Make your way up to the second floor and there’s a workbench on the right-hand side of the building.

To the left is a locked door. To get past it, smash the window in front of you on the balcony, climb out, then jump across to the left and smash another window to get back in again. Inside, there’s a safe in the bedroom. The combination is the wedding date mentioned in the note in the room you broke into.

Look for a calendar on the wall. The wedding anniversary is circled, giving you the safe combination: 10-08-83. Grab the superhero card from the bedside table in the same bedroom, and help yourself to the 24 supplements waiting for you in the safe.

Weston’s Pharmacy safe combination

Further on the way to the hospital, Ellie reaches a flooded street where you're prompted to press L3 to look at your objective. Instead of continuing straight forward, break off to the left to find Weston's Pharmacy. You can find another safe inside Weston’s Pharmacy through a crack in the wall, between two shelves. Inside you’ll find a medkit, explosive arrows, and some supplements.

You can find the combination on a note under cash register counter at Weston’s Pharmacy. The note says, “Tom - I keep hearing gunfire at odd hours. We have no one to protect us from this crazy cult. We can’t wait for the WLF to find us… we have to trek to their base and join them. I’ve started stashing supplies in the safe. Heading out to scout the best route, will be back with a plan ASAP. Be careful, MK. P.S. - Almost forgot, the code is 38-55-23.”

Day 3 safe combinations

Boat stash safe combination

You’ll find this safe when you’re exploring in the boat as Ellie, where you'll see a safe behind a wire fence in a garage.

Eventually you’ll come to a shutter and have to depart the boat. Head up the stairs here and you’ll pass by a window where you’re prompted to take a note of the ferris wheel in the distance.

There’s a body in the corner of this corridor with a note that says, “Bigger hope is you remember where we hid the stash? Code is 70-12-64. It’s not much, but it’s all I have. I want you to take it. Be well. - Randall.”

Opposite Randall there’s a movable trolley - pull it to reveal a crawlspace.

Crawl through, then hop down into the fenced-in area below to find the safe for some ammo, supplements, gun parts, and resources.

[Spoilers follow the video below]

How to open safes without the combination in The Last of Us 2

With spoilers incoming, this seems like a good time to explain how The Last of Us 2 players discovered a neat detail that could help you crack all the safes in the game.

In nearly all cases, the code is found by examining the shop or apartment it's in, and solving a light puzzle. But, did you know that you don't even need a code to unlock them?

As you've no doubt seen in plenty of caper movies, there's always the safe cracker character that puts their ear to the safe and somehow finds the combination just by listening to the audio cues. It turns out, the same can be done in The Last of Us Part 2.

A number of players on Twitter and Reddit were surprised to find it was actually possible to unlock the game's safes that way.

Michael Leri even captured a video demonstrating it, though I can't hear a difference myself.

The only thing that could throw you off is when Ellie resets her grip after twisting it all way. This occurs at every 20 numbers or so and produces a slightly different audio cue that could mislead you.

This is obviously all recommended to be done with headphones, as you're unlikely to pick up on the subtle differences when using speakers. Still, now that you know it's possible, it's worth giving it a shot with the next safe you come across.

However, we've listed every single one of the safe combinations below.

Cover image for YouTube video

Seriously, if you don't want to know anything about the game beyond this point, don't scroll down.

The Last of Us 2 Abby Safe Codes

The Last of Us 2 Abby Safe Combinations
Camper Van "Big Win" SafeAbby Day 117-38-07
Chinatown SafeAbby Day 168-96-89
Ferry Weapon Storage SafeAbby Day 190-77-01
Julia's Apartment number safeAbby Day 230-23-04
Hotel Gym Wifi Code SafeAbby Day 212-18-79

Day 1 (Abby) safe codes

Camper van lottery ticket "the big win" safe combination

After you’ve finished the ladder and boat puzzle you will be in a new area with a camper van where you’ll find the following note: “Marta - With the truce dead, it’s too risky to keep using this place for meetups. Scars are gonna be swarming all over this area like roaches. I went ahead and cleaned out my supplies already, but I left all your guns in the lockup in case you need them when you arrive. Figure the Scars won’t touch them since the safe is too ‘old world’ for them. Dumb freaks.

“See you soon, be careful. Paul. PS Still using ‘the big win’ as the combination.”

Inside the camper van there’s a cork board with a Terra Lotto ticket on it.

The circled numbers, 17-38-07 is the safe code. Inside you will find the Hunting Pistol and a range of ammunition.

You'll find the safe around the corner from the camper van, through a large crack in the warehouse wall.

Chinatown safe combination

Once you escape the FOB with the help of Manny, you'll soon reach Chinatown. Here you will find a safe inside a shop called Jasmine Bakery.

Two buildings down the street, there’s another shop with a door in the back called the Ruby Dragon.

Head through there and go up the stairs. Crawl into the next room and deal with the clickers inside.

Head out onto the balcony and take a running jump across the street to the balcony on the other side. Take a left and you’ll find a note with the Chinatown safe code: 68-96-89. Inside you will find plenty of supplements and some supplies.

Next to the note, drop down into the store below, search the area then return to the Jasmine Bakery for your reward.

Ferry Weapons storage safe combination

You find out how to open this safe long before you find the actual safe, just after you get the crossbow, on a note.

The weapons storage code is 90-77-01. The safe itself is at the stern, the back of the ship, on the sun - or top - deck. It's not so sunny these days...

Inside you will find the Ordnance upgrade manual, some supplements, and gun parts.

Day 2 (Abby) safe codes

Julia's Apartment number safe combination

When you’re travelling with Lev towards the skybridge, there’s a point where you have to jump to a balcony from the road and smash a window to enter some apartments. Inside the first apartment you will find a note that’s a back and forth between Sam and Julia, next-door neighbours.

The note mentions some supplies in a safe and says the combination is “our apartment number and then your apartment number”. To get the combo, head into the hall outside and look to your left.

The safe is in the bedroom of this apartment and the safe code you need is 30-23-04. Inside you’ll find some gun parts, ammo, and resources.

Hotel gym Wifi code safe combination

Note: Do not go through the stairwell door next to the room with this safe inside. You will be forced to advance and miss it.

After you fall from the skybridge and into the swimming pool, you’ll find yourself in a gym. Walk through the gym until you reach Orchards Juice Bar at the end of the corridor on the right.

In the back of here you’ll find a note. “Please don’t leave valuables lying around while you’re on shift. We have an employee safe in the cleaning closet in the lobby. The code is the same as the wifi. Sheryl.”

To get the WiFi code, go back to the gym and look behind the reception counter or the far end of the room - near the door to the swimming pool. If you head out to the lobby, you can find the safe in the room opposite the reception desk. The safe code is 12-18-79. Open it up for some supplies.

For more help with The Last of Us 2, here's our pages on where to find each and every superhero trading card and the Seattle Day 1 map locations. We've also got details on what's next for the critically acclaimed HBO adaptation of Naughty Dog's iconic series. Ellie actress Bella Ramsey has said The Last of Us Season 2 could arrive at the end of 2024, but it looks like the story of TLOU2 won't be condensed into just one season.

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