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The Last of Us 2 Superhero Trading Cards Locations

Featuring fun Easter eggs, Ellie can collect 48 superhero trading cards throughout the entirety of The Last of Us 2!

Ellie collecting a superhero trading card for her collection in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered on PS5
Image credit: Naughty Dog
Update: The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered is out now on PS5, giving new players a graphically upgraded version of the now-classic story and returning players a load of new ways to play. Whichever version of The Last of Us Part 2 you play though, you can find the following superhero trading cards in the same locations.

Even in a post-apocalyptic nightmare, nerds just can't help holding onto cool, geeky stuff. Hidden across her entire adventure in The Last of Us 2, Ellie can find and collect 48 superhero trading cards, featuring fun riffs on real-life comicbook heroes, as well as some cheeky references to the game's development team.

We've scoured the whole of the Seattle QZ and beyond to bring you all 48 of The Last of Us 2 superhero trading card locations. While some you'll happen upon naturally and are quite simple to find, many of them of deviously stashed in secret corners, past obvious entrances, and some you even have to do in-game puzzles differently.

First, we'll drop a full list of each and every superhero trading card. Then underneath that we've added a detailed walkthrough you can follow as you play.

The Last of Us 2 Superhero Trading Card List

The Last of Us 2 Superhero Trading Card Locations
Superhero Trading Card Name:Day Location:Chapter Location:
SeismicalyaJacksonWaking Up
The Keene TwinsJacksonWaking Up
TesseracterJacksonPatrol 1
Laurent FoucaultJacksonPatrol 1
MotivatorDay 1The Gate
The Starfire KidsDay 1The Gate
ChessmasterDay 1The Gate
OozerDay 1 The Gate
Doctor UckmannDay 1 Downtown
Das WortDay 1Downtown
Big BlueDay 1Downtown
FloDay 1Downtown
Know It AllDay 1 Downtown
CardioDay 1 Eastbrook Elementary
Kinnard, EsqDay 1Capitol Hill
RockafellaDay 1Capitol Hill
Doctor StemDay 1 Capitol Hill
Sergeant FrostDay 1Capitol Hill
CandleabraDay 1 Capitol Hill
BizzarebraDay 1Capitol Hill
KimimelaDay 1Channel 13 TV Station
The ImpDay 1 The Tunnels
Doctor Daniela StarDay 1 The Tunnels
BastetDay 1 The Tunnels
MortemDay 1The Theatre
BeyondDay 1 The Theatre
The NighthawkDay 1(The Museum) The Birthday Gift
Saura Day 1(The Museum) The Birthday Gift
WachumeroDay 2Hillcrest
Sahir the SorcererDay 2Hillcrest
Naledi the YouthfulDay 2Hillcrest
BrainstormDay 2Hillcrest
Reverb Day 2Hillcrest
AustringerDay 2Finding Strings
Randy StylesDay 2The Seraphites
ShiftDay 2The Seraphites
Star SignDay 2 The Seraphites
Arch-EnemyDay 2The Seraphites
DoppelgangerDay 2The Seraphites
Bhat MandarrDay 2The Seraphites
EsquireDay 3Road to the Aquarium
TormentraDay 3Road to the Aquarium
TanagerDay 3Road to the Aquarium
TatuajeDay 3Road to the Aquarium
Seff L'ho'phadDay 3The Flooded City
Khazakh BrightDay 3The Flooded City
CBB-73EpiloguePushing Inland
SparkthugEpilogueThe Resort

The Last of Us 2 Superhero Trading Card Locations

Jackson Prologue

Waking Up Chapter -

Seismicalya location - When you first wake up in Jackson and grab your jacket and knife, you walk through the streets of Jackson with Jesse. When you go through the gate to Main Street, on your first left there’s a card pinned to a notice board around the corner from the Main Street Gallery.

The Keene Twins location - After you have the short cutscene in the saloon in Jackson, look to your right, and the card is sitting near the dartboard.

Bio - “Born in a spark laboratory, the Keene Twins were considered a failed experiment in heightening human senses, they were abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage, but the forlorn pair soon learned of their abilities. Born deaf, Ophelia not only has amazing eyesight, but she can see things on the infrared and x-ray spectrum. Born blind, Xander can hear for miles; no footstep is too quiet, no secret is safe. So long as they are together, they make for formidable opponents. 80 brains and 80 brawn. Affiliation: none.”

Patrol Chapter -

Tesseracter location - This card is in one of the houses when you’re riding in the snow on patrol with Dina. Look for a sign that says “open house for sale” with an arrow pointing to a snowed under truck. Climb onto the truck and into the building. You’ll find the card on a bookcase in this bedroom.

Bio - “Appearing oneday from out of the blue, no one knows where - or when - this trans-dimensional being came from. Their ability to move in and around four dimensional space at will has turned the tide in many battles, though using this power leaves them as weak and vulnerable as a newborn. Claiming to have no name, they were bestowed the nickname Tesseracter by the Society of Champions. However, some suspect the Tesseracter is keeping their true, undiscovered identity a secret. 80 brains and 60 brawn. Affiliation: Society of Champions.”

Laurent Foucault location - You find this in Eugene’s hideout after the blizzard. After you find his Firefly pendant you’ll find a giraffe cuddly toy on your right in the next room. Opposite the giraffe there’s a small storage cupboard where you can find the card.

Bio - “Born with a brilliant mind but hobbled by numerous physical ailments, Laurent Foucault spent his formative years in hospitals. Earning his M.D. PhD at age 15, he developed a cure for his rare genetic disease, the patents for which made him a multimillionaire overnight. Within a few short years, he turned millions into billions, giving him the capital to build the sci-tech empire Spark and free rein to pursue knowledge and progress at any cost. Rumours circulate that Spark has developed methods to infuse newborns with specific superpowers, but Foucault has denied these ‘ridiculous claims’.”

Day 1 The Gate -

Motivator location - Here you’re riding through the forest with Dina. Follow the linear path forward until you come to your first abandoned cars next to a bus stop. Get off your horse and you’ll find the card taped onto the bus stop.

Bio - “If you find yourself doing something you don’t want to do, Motivator might be the one responsible. Once a prominent psychologist and researcher in the field of human behaviour, Moira Peak’s after-hours experiments for Spark yielded powers she deemed too dangerous for anyone to have - so she kept them for herself. Able to plant ideas in anyone’s head, her victims’ only hope is to get out of Motivator’s line of sight, or smash her glasses so she can’t see. 90 brains and 20 brawn. Affiliation: Spark.”

The Starfire Kids location - Keep riding from that last location until you drop down onto a main road. Ahead you’ll see a sign that says “Seattle North”. To the left you’ll see a cabin. Inside you’ll find the card on a whiteboard.

Bio - “When fourteen year-old twins Emiru and Sora Hoshi found a meteorite in the woods outside Kyoto, touching it imbued them both with the power of astrokenisis: the ability to take starlight and turn into energy! Taken into custody by the Society of Champions, Tesseractor mentored the kids on how to use their power safely and wisely, though his over-protective nature eventually drove them away. Now they live on the streets, trying to find meaning and purpose in their powers. 60 brains and 60 brawn. Affiliation: Society of Champions.”

Chessmaster location - As you approach the Seattle QZ and climb over the wall, you’ll walk along a gangway on the other side. When you reach the ladder down at the other end, look behind you to find another ladder which leads to a secret area with another card.

Oozer location - On the other side of the wall, when you’re solving the puzzle with the generator to get the gate open, throw the cord over the mobile office and use it to climb up on top of it - here you’ll find a card.

Downtown Chapter -

Doctor Uckmann location - Straight across from where you enter the first large hub area there’s a destroyed building you can climb up. You need to smash a window, walk around the outside, make a jump, head back inside, climb up a ramp, and at the top you will find some supplements, gun parts, and the Dr. Uckmann card. A fun little riff on The Last of Us: Part 2 director, Neil Druckmann.

Bio - “Once a well-respected researcher, Doctor Uckmann’s questionable experiments in the realm of pushing human limits saw him ostracized from the scientific community. Even the morally-compromised Laurent Foucault of Spark Laboratories found his work dubious. Undeterred, Uckmann continued his work in secret, creating super-AI to do his bidding and protect his research while he and The New Dogs stage high-tech heists to fund it all. Constantly moving his lab location so no one can find him, he longs for the day where his subjects will be treated as equals.”

Das Wort location - You can find this card in the first large hub area, downstairs in and drawer in the Valiant music store.

Bio - “This tall, laconic-presence seems unassuming enough. Bullied and misunderstood early in life due to his inability to speak above the level of a mumble, he was forever changed when ancient cosmic beings bestowed upon him ‘The Word’, a mystical phrase that when spoken - or even muttered - will drive everyone in earshot insane. Thankfully, his considerable height often gives him away and allows his potential victims plenty of time to run or plug their ears. 80 brains and 80 brawn. Affiliation: The New Dogs.”

Flo location - You can find this on Madison Street near the top left of the map. You have to squeeze through a small gap. It’s in a safe and the combination is 0451, which is the old code for Gate West 2 on your gate codes journal page.

Bio - “Graduating at the top of her class from a prominent sci-tech university, Olga Kuznetsova was recruited by the Russian government to further their research into dark energy. Fearing the tech would be used for war, her attempt to sabotage the experiments resulted in her consciousness fusing with water vapor. Now she is able to channel her ‘soul’ into any body of water and conjure objects in any form of water, so long as there’s moisture in the air. 90 brains and 80 brawn. Affiliation: Society of Champions.”

Big Blue location - This card can be found in the coffee shop at the north of the hub map, in a restaurant on Spring Street. Check inside the drawers and you’ll find it.

Bio - “Big Blue is an extra-dimensional entity who has taken on the appearance of a blue whale. First arriving on Earth over half a billion years ago to keep watch over the nascent life forms, they use their infinite well of knowledge to help guide the human race in times of great need and upheaval. Their unfathomable age has one major drawback: days appear to pass as microseconds. However, this time dilation effect is offset if they hold their breath - which they can do for several hours at a time. 100 brains and 80 brawn. Affiliation: none.”

Know It All location - Once you’ve passed the “f**k FEDRA” gate and entered the hotel, go upstairs. Go into the room behind the dead body at the top, then into the adjacent room. On your left there’s a television with a note inside the drawers beneath it. Opposite that there’s a bedside table with a drawer and the card is inside.

Bio - “A world-famous researcher diagnosed with an early form of dementia, Sheila Kim reached out to Spark in desperation. Could they do something to slow her mental decline? They agreed to implant an experimental nano-AI drive in her brain, allowing her not only to retain her knowledge, but to accrue new information at a massive rate. Now she is arguably the smartest person alive and Spark’s new chief technology officer, overseeing their military research arm. Some argue that she’s lost her conscience. Others wonder whether the AI has taken over her mind. 100+ brains and 20 brawn. Affiliation: Spark.

Eastbrook Elementary Chapter -

Cardio location - After your first encounter with humans, you’ll follow a linear path across some rooftops until you come to a point where you have to jump to a balcony. In this building, jump over some upturned furniture and into the room immediately on your right. The card is in a bedside table drawer here.

Bio - “Pedro Rojas was a long-distance runner who’d dreamed of winning, but always came up short. When Spark offered him limitless stamina in exchange for using him as a test subject for their new velocitanium artificial hearts, he immediately accepted the deal, and then escaped, going into hiding. Now known as Cardio, he can run faster and farther than anyone alive. Pursued by Spark, they still want him back to finish their experiments - they’ll just have to catch him first. 60 brains and 60 brawn. Affiliation: none.”

Capitol Hill Chapter -

Kinnard, Esq location - After you escape the school, follow Dina down the road and turn right. On your right is the open door to house number 3. Inside there’s a drawer with a superhero card inside.

Rockafella location - Once you’re back down on street level and using the skyscrapers as a landmark to head towards, there’s a motel that you explore. Look for room number three on the ground floor. The door is locked, so enter the open room next to it, head out the back window, and into room number three through its back window. On the floor by the television you’ll find Rockafella.

Bio - “Real estate and construction magnate Norman Stryker’s crowning achievement was the Spark headquarters, both the part visible to the world and the massive subterranean laboratory complex. But when he walked in on a secret experiment, Laurent Foucault tried to dispose of him in a quarry explosion. When the Society of Champions couldn’t pull Stryker out of the rocks, Doctor Stem made the rocks a part of Stryker. Now covered head to toe in rock armour, Rockafella aims to tear the Spark headquarters down brick by brick - and he knows the place better than anyone… 60 brains and 100 brawn. Affiliation: Society of Champions.

Doctor Stem location - Now you’re deep in WLF territory and you’ve just fought or creeped past a bunch of armed soldiers as you head for the TV station. Eventually you’ll find yourself in a bookstore when you can find a book called Sorority Secrets. From there, head into the bookstore’s coffee house where you’ll find an upgrade magazine by a typewriter. Facing the typewriter, head to the door on your right and into the dark room ahead. You’ll find the card next to a record player on your left.

Bio - “Losing both her parents to cancer at a young age, Upal Roy threw herself into her science studies, determined to never let anyone experience the pain and loss she felt as a child. Now known as Doctor Stem, she collaborates with doctors and scientists around the world on life-saving and life-enhancing technologies; she also works with the Society of Champions to shut down Spark’s more nefarious schemes with technology of her own. Her tenacity and refusal to accept defeat is both her biggest strength and greatest source of torment. 100 brains and 40 brawn. Affiliation: Society of Champions.

Sergeant Frost location - As you make your way through the streets, you’ll eventually have to climb a ladder over an old FEDRA checkpoint to advance. Instead of climbing the ladder go the other way along the street to find Live Street Market on your right. There are 4 infected inside, so clear them out to collect the Sergeant Frost superhero card from the locker in the back room.

Candelabra location - You’ve just boosted Dina up over an obstacle and now you’re face to face with a minefield. On your left there’s a store that you can enter, once the infected finish blowing themselves into chunks. You can find the card next to an ATM.

Bio - “A beacon in the darkest night, this heroine earned her moniker when people first saw fire emitting from her hands and flowing through her hair. Originally from the volcanic Auvergne region of France, she fell into an active lava pool while protecting her little brother from Dr. Uckmann’s henchmen. Left for dead, she emerged from the pool alive and capable of wielding fire as a weapon, so long as she doesn’t get cold. When not working with the Society of Champions, she spends her days hunting Dr. Uckmann, whom she believes is holding her brother captive. 60 brains and 80 brawn. Affiliation: Society of Champions.”

Bizzarebra location - In the tripwire area, look to your left to see the Wellwishes thrift store. Head inside and grab Bizzarebra from the children’s bookshelf inside.

Channel 13 TV Station Chapter -

Kimimela location - Inside the TV station, head to the next floor and look for an office with an accessible balcony. There’s a locked door, but you can shimmy along the outside and head through the window. You’ll find the card two offices along, in the smallest office on a desk.

Bio - “After her family lost their house to greedy developers, young scientist Kimimela Green’s public protests fell on death ears. Frustrated, she turned her research in animal behaviour into a means of political action. Many late nights at the lab culminated in a device that allows her to telepathically communicate with animals. Now, as a member of the Society of Champions, Kimimela brings her animal allies to places around the world where civil strife and avarice threaten to force people from their homes. And when evildoers don’t listen to her, she lets her animals do the talking. 80 brains and 60 brawn. Affiliation: Society of Champions.”

The Tunnels Chapter -

The Imp location - After you crawl under the train and start to approach the doorway illuminated by red light, walk past the door to find The Imp hidden in some trash bags under a train door.

Dr. Daniela Star location - So you’ve finished at the TV station and you’ve fought your way through the underground, lit up by the red glow of flares and emergency lights. You’ve pulled up a shutter and Dina has wedged a trolley under so you can pass through. Now you’re safe on the other side and Dina will say it looks clear. You’ll come to a blue door that leads to an office. Inside,you need to head to the back corner on the far right of the room and crawl under a table. This will lead to a crack in a wall that gets you behind the locked, fenced-in area. Here you’ll find the card.

Bio - “Recruited by Spark Century 22 out of Titan’s best science academy, brilliant Daniela Star was assigned to the ion engine development team. Under the watchful eye of her colleagues, she came up with plans that exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations. But when she learned her superiors planned to use her technology for energy weapons, she scuttled her research and fled to Ganymede. Now, under the protection of the Future Alliance, she is on the verge of developing mankind’s fire faster-than-light vessel. 100 brains and 60 brawn. Affiliation: Future Alliance.”

Bastet location - You’ve fought past your first shamblers in the underground and you’re almost out. You come to the site of a train crash that Ellie and Dina remark on. When you come to the point where Dina says she can see some light and you’re prompted to boost her up, instead head to your left and go prone to squeeze under an upturned carriage. You’ll find the Bastet card inside.

Bio - “When Doctor Uckmann pulled an anonymous teenage girl off the streets of Cairo, he got more than he bargained for. Originally intending to use her for his human genetic enhancement project, things went awry when The Imp introduced cat DNA into the mix. Now gifted with the agility, vision and predatory instincts of a cat, the girl took on the name of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet. Clever and mercurial, she acts as one of Uckmann’s enforcers, using her skills for high-risk heists. But even the brilliant Uckmann can’t tell where her allegiances truly lie. 60 brains and 60 brawn. Affiliation: The New Dogs.”

The Theatre Chapter -

Mortem location - When you run into the Theatre with Dina, you need to search the place to make sure it’s safe. The card is in a breakable display case on the first floor. You need to vault the counter and smash the glass on the right to reveal it.

Beyond location - You find this card inside the theatre. Head upstairs, run straight ahead, and follow the corridor around to the right. At the end, near some boxes and an upturned sofa, you’ll find Beyond.

Bio - “After a near-death experience that left her in a coma for two weeks, this seasoned detective found that she could cross from our world to the spirit world, allowing her to communicate with the dead. Now known as Beyond, she splits her time between solving murder investigations and serving as a spiritual medium for grieving families seeking closure. However, her forays into the spirit world are clearly hastening her demise: she looks considerably older than her 35 years. How much longer does she have? 80 brains and 40 brawn. Affiliation: none.”

The Museum The Birthday Gift Chapter -

The Nighthawk location - The cards in this flashback are a really cute easter egg, since we can assume this is why she started collecting them in the first place.

In the dinosaur exhibit with Joel, The Nighthawk is on the bench next to the bathroom to the left of the triceratops.

Saura location - Later in the Museum, when you get separated from Joel the card is sitting on a bench just to the right of the exhibit where a moose is being chased by wolves.

Day 2

Hillcrest Chapter -

Wachumero location - After you leave the Theatre, you make your way towards the Hillcrest area of the city. When you get back control after the cutscene in Hillcrest, turn around and look off the ledge behind you. Drop down and smash the window of the truck to get to Wachumero.

Sahir the Sorcerer location - Right at the start of Hillcrest, you’ll vault a small wall and watch a pack of wolves drive off up the hill towards the stadium. Instead of following them right, turn left through the gap in the bushes to get to the Caroline Paper Co. Climb up the dumpster to get inside, then right at the back of the store is a card inside a cardboard box - you might have to tilt your camera angle right up to see it.

Naledi the Youthful location - Once you’ve passed the WLF and their dogs, you will come to a puzzle where you have to put a dumpster on a ramp, climb onto it, and hop over to the wall next to it. Once you’re through, you will find your first trip mine. You’ll find the card in the corner of this room, next to a bicycle.

Bio - “Though she wears baggy robes to cover her numerous burn marks, don’t let Naledi’s frail, grey-haired appearance fool you. After refusing to die alongside her family in an arson attack, her cries for revenge allowed a dark spirit to inhabit her being, bringing a curse disguised as a blessing: while touching another living being, neither can be physically harmed or killed. Infinitely vulnerable so long as she is alone, she has teamed up with the mighty Bizarrebra, whose strength allows her to carry Naledi into battle with those who wronged her; a near-invulnerable team-up. 90 brains and 20 brawn. Affiliation: none.”

Brainstorm location - As you make your way through Hillcrest, you’ll see a cutscene where you hear an explosion. After you’ve made your way past some infected, you’ll reach an area where you cosplay Hot Fuzz and hop garden fences. As you advance, you’ll see a small yellow kids playhouse on your left. The card is hidden in a hole in one of the house’s walls.

Reverb location - After you get the bow towards the end of the Hillcrest area, you'll see a yellow house with a blue car outside. Head inside and the card is under a bed on top floor.

Finding Strings Flashback -

Austringer location - You can find this card in the Ellie flashback when you’re travelling with Joel. After you pull the horses up, your attention will be drawn to the Music Store sign in the distance. Head towards that sign and climb over a vehicle there and down into the waterlogged, caved-in road. You’ll find the card in the abandoned car just in front of you.

Bio - “At fourteen years old, Maxene Pierre was abandoned by his parents in the middle of Montagne Noire. With the help of a benevolent, intelligent hawk, he made his way to a small lodge where he met a mysterious shaman. Through rigorous training, Max mastered the ability to enter the mind of hawks and other birds of prey. As The Austringer, Max works as a thief-for-hire and intelligence gatherer for the highest bidder, all the while striving to discover why he was abandoned in the mountains all those years ago… 60 brains and 40 brawn. Affiliation: none.”

The Seraphites Chapter -

Randy Styles location - After Ellie sets off on her mission to the hospital, you come to a supermarket called Quickmart. Inside you’ll find a display box of trading cards under a sign that says “smooth taste” on one of the shelves.

Shift location - A bit after as you’re back exploring the streets as Ellie. There’s some infected around, but once you’ve dealt with them you can enter the buildings here. One of them is a convention centre that has some Seraphite graffiti inside that reads, “Feel her love”. Enter the elevator shaft on your left and climb the ladder to the next floor. Up here you will find a rope. You need to smash the window to outside, then either shoot out our throw a brick through the glass panel shelters , exposing a pipe that you can throw the rope over to swing into the next room on your left, bypassing the locked door. The trading card is on a sofa inside.

Bio - “At first glance, Gail Price looks and acts like a typical teenager, mood swings and all. But those mood swings power her ability to increase the velocity of matter. When happy, she directs this power outwards, increasing the speed of her allies and throwing her enemies off-balance. When sad, she directs this power inward, allowing her to outrun her enemies and making the rest of the world feel sluggish. Though powerful, she is an unpredictable ally, and an easy target for the mind-manipulation tricks of Motivator. 60 brains and 60 brawn. Affiliation: Society of Champions.”

Star Sign location - Further up the road from the conference centre, there an apartment building on your left. Go up to door then look down the stairs to your right to see a crawl space entry. To get past locked door on the left, you need to smash the window on the landing, climb out, then jump across and smash your way back in again. There’s a safe in the bedroom, but what you’re after is the superhero card in the bedside drawer.

Bio - “Once a humble museum curator, Zhang Lei was poring over Han Dynasty scrolls when he found himself transformed by the spirits of the great Chinese emperors. Now,depending on the hour of the day, he takes on the elemental power from each sign from the Chinese Zodiac: terrakinesis, pyrokinesis, aquakinesis, ferrokinesis, and arborkinesis. He also takes on both the positive and negative personality traits of each sign, which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation. Best hope you catch him at a good time of day. 90 brains and 80 brawn. Affiliation: Society of Champions.”

Arch-Enemy location - In the next area, after you’ve walked through the comicbook expo, you climb over a ledge, then look to the right before smashing some glass to get into a greenhouse area. When you jump down to the ground floor, on the left-hand side of the room there’s a locked door. Go around the side of the locked room, smash the raised window and climb inside - there’s a superhero card in the drawer.

Doppelganger location - Later, after the sewer, you’ll come to an apartment block called Garden Suites. As you go up the stairs inside, circle back around the back of the stairs to find a superhero card.

Bhat M'Andarr location - After your first proper encounter with the Scars, you’ll find yourself on a rooftop. Use the ladder to drop down into the water, and swim onto the bank. Head up the stairs and into Weston’s Pharmacy. You’ll find the card immediately on your left as you enter the door.

Bio - “Once the solar system’s most notorious pirate, Neptunian Bhat M’Andarr became known for hijacking resupply ships; threatening the nascent colonies on Europa and Enceladus with starvation. Pursued by the Future Alliance into the asteroid belt, she flew her ship too close to a mysterious wormhole and found herself back in the 21st century. Though she initially enjoyed her newfound superiority, she quickly became frustrated by the limitations of our 21st century technology and sought out Spark. Her offer: her knowledge of the future in exchange for a way back to her own time. 80 brains and 60 brawn. Affiliation: Spark.”

Day 3

Road to the Aquarium chapter

Esquire location - Right when you get back control at the start of Day 3, instead of advancing through the theatre curtain, look over to the left and you’ll find a card sitting in front of some stage monitors.

Tormentra location - When you leave the theatre with Jesse you eventually come to a WPL building that’s accessible by smashing a window or crouching under a barricaded door. You’ll find yourself in a room filled with shipping supplies, printers, and packaging. Head through the blue door that you can enter and down the dark corridor ahead, past the toilet, until you come to a set of double doors on your left. Opposite them is another door, but you have to crawl under some upturned furniture to get inside. In here you’ll find some supplements, a workbench, and the Tormentra card.

Bio - “Once a kind, empathetic teenager, Tormentra was always bullied for being “soft”. But everything changed when a latent genetic mutation emerged, allowing her to convert the mental anguish of others into kinetic energy - the worse the pain, the more powerful the result. Now, her day job as a criminal psychologist allows her to absorb the worst things in people’s lives and use it as literal ammo against those who persecuted her. Many suspect Tormentra of feeding off the hurt of those who got in the way of her prior outbursts, creating a never-ending cycle of suffering. 80 brains and 80 brawn. Affiliation: none.”

Tanager location - You can find this card in the bookstore, near the customer service desk on the ground floor, not far from the foot of an escalator. Next to the desk there’s a makeshift fort fashioned from bookshelves and sheltered by a mattress. Crouch under and you’ll find the card inside.

Bio - “A shy, quiet young woman, Tanager discovered her ability to hypnotise with her singing voice at an early age, but she is only just learning to hone it. Having run away from an abusive home, she is a staunch believer in free will; she knows the cost of losing it, and often can’t bring herself to take it away from others. As such, she refuses to use her power except as the last resort. This has made her a difficult teammate for the Society of Champions, but her ace-up-their-sleeve usefulness has paid off more than once. 60 brains and 40 brawn. Affiliation: Society of Champions.”

Tatuaje location - After you cross the bridge and decide to steal a boat to get to the ferris wheel, you drop down into another area and crawl under some rubble to advance - after you’ve crawled under the rubble don’t interact with the pipes on your right, instead walk forward to find a superhero card on a cabinet in front of you.

The Flooded City Chapter -

Seff L'ho'phad location - When you’re driving the boat, after the first section of rapids your path is blocked by a gate. Before you go to raise it, turn around and look behind you. There’s a door leading to a side room here - inside is a drawer hiding a trading card.

Khazakh Bright location - After you’ve cleared the arcade, in the bottom right of the arcade room there’s a grate over the prize counter you can open. Then on the other side, look down to your right under the counter for a superhero trading card.

Be advised, the screenshots in the sections below could be considered a spoiler. If you haven't completed Seattle Day 3, go do that, and you'll know when to come back.

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Pushing Inland Chapter -

CBB-73 location - Once you’ve made your way off the beach, you’ll come to some infected, vehicles, and houses as you make your way uphill. Eventually you’ll come to a crack in a wall that you need to crouch under. Head past the overgrown fountain and deal with the clicker on the rooftop to your right. Climb onto the car and from there onto the roof. Take a right onto the next raised bit of roof and hop through the window into the building’s interior. Head through the door on your right and the card is on a dressing table inside.

Bio - “The latest in a long line of synthetic warriors, the CBB-73 was designed to fight battles deemed too dangerous or cruel for humans. But when Future Alliance captured one on Titan, their scientists used it to test their latest AI technology. Now a trusted ally, CBB is willing to take point on all of the Future Alliance’s dangerous missions, always reminding them ‘I am reliable and expendable.’ But in times of high tension, CBB struggles not to slip back into its original function as a killing machine. 40 brains and 100 brawn. Affiliation: Future Alliance.”

The Resort Chapter -

Sparkthug location - In the same area where you enter and the Rattlers are teasing the runner, there’s a Superhero card in the back building on a round table on your right next to a stereo - it’s the building that says “4” on it.

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