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Naughty Dog has a story outline for The Last of Us 3 which it hopes "one day can see the light of day"

A story outline has been written for The Last of Us 3, according to Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann.

Speaking on an episode of the Script Apart podcast, Druckmann said he and co-writer Halley Gross have written a story outline for The Last of Us 3.

Druckmann said he didn't want to reveal too much, but that it does explore a bit of what happens after The Last of Us 2.

He goes on to say the team is not working on a third installment, but that he hopes it "one day can see the light of day" (thanks, IGN).

Because these games "take so much to make," Druckmann said you want to "make sure you’re jazzed by the idea that you have."

"We’ve now had two games that I feel speak to something universal as well as telling a very personal story for these characters," said Druckmann. "With one game, there’s no pattern of what a franchise is. With two games, now there’s starting to be a pattern – now I feel like there are some structural and thematic themes you'd have to stick to if you're making a third game."

In the podcast, Druckmann also discusses more on The Last of Us 2, and the upcoming HBO series which will center around a reimagining of the events of the original game. Russian filmmaker Kantemir Balagov will direct the pilot for the adaptation and it is being helmed by Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin and executive produced and written by Neil Druckmann.

What Naughty Dog is working on currently is unknown, but reports state there is or was, a remake of The Last of Us in the works for PS5. There's also supposedly a new Uncharted game in the works which at one time had Days Gone developer Sony Bend attached before it was handed over to Naughty Dog.

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