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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Life and Force Essence guide - Where to find every max health and Force upgrade

Become one with Force Essence and raise your max health

Here are the locations of every maximum health upgrade and Force Essence in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to help you defeat the near-upstoppable Empire.

In the absence of Jedi, the forces of evil have grown strong. To help bring peace to the galaxy in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you are going to need every advantage you can find. Here is where to locate every Life Essence and Force Essence to upgrade your maximum health and Force.

You can find Essence upgrades across all the planets you visit in Jedi Fallen Order, from the swamps of Bogano, to the wind-swept cliffs of Zeffo, to the jungles of Kashyyyk and beyond.

Once you reach a planet, not all of its Secrets are accessible straight away. We've numbered the Essences in the rough order in which we acquired them.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Life and Force Essence locations

Bogano Health and Force Essence locations

Force Essence 1 - Bogdo Sinkholes - The first Force Essence is collected by using Force Slow on the fan puzzle in the Bogdo Sinkholes on Bogano. To get there, climb across the pipes to the right of the Abandoned Workshop.

Life Essence 1 - Bogdo Sinkholes - For your next Essence, you need to continue further into the Bogdo Sinkholes and take on the Oggdo Bogdo.

Force Essence 4 - Abandoned Workshop - This one is found in the Abandoned Workshop on Zeffo behind the Scomp Link door - here's where to get it if you don't have the Scomp Link already.

Life Essence 12 - Subterranean Refuge - Swing up using Jedi Jump and Wall Run on one side of the room, then Force Pull the rope swing to get to teh other side of the room in the Subterranean Refuge.

Zeffo Health and Force Essence locations

Life Essence 2 - Gusty Bluffs - After the first rotating windmill, look up and you’ll see a meditation point. Freeze the platform to give you an angle that you can jump up to the ledge. Go up the hill next to it and there’s another windmill. On the other side there’s a door on your left. Inside is the health upgrade force echo.

Force Essence 2 - Tomb of Eilram - This echo upgrade is collected by completing the ball puzzle room in the Tomb of Eilram - check out the linked guide if you need help with the solution.

Force Essence 3 - Tomb of Eilram - Once you've unlocked Force Push, return to this blocked gate and throw the the spiky boi into crumbling wall.

Life Essence 3 - Venator Wreckage - This is found on the far side of the Crash Site, without needing to get into the main Venator Wreckage area.

Force Essence 6 - Broken Wing - You get to the Broken Wing through the Crash Site once you've got the Overcharge BD-1 Power. Make your way all the way through the area and the Force Essence is at the end.

Life Essence 6 - Tomb of Mikrul - In the puzzle room with the magnetized blocks in the Tomb of Mikrul, Force Push the spiky boi into the breakable gate.

Force Essence 7 - Tomb of Mikrul - Once you have Force Pull, return to the side path off the central room in the Tomb of Mikrul and throw a candle through hole above the locked gate. Then pull open the gate with the rope pull and climb up the vines.

Life Essence 7 - Crash Site - Climb the secret rope on the near side of the Crash Site, then Jedi Flip past the crushers to reach an Essence.

Life Essence 9 - Auger Pulverizers - Use Force Slow and Jedi Flip to jump across the Pulverizers to the platform. This is probably easier to do from the other side than pictured, just slice the sticks blocking your way first.

Force Essence 10 - Venator Wreckage - Swing on the rope in the Venator Wreckage

Kashyyyk Health and Force Essence locations

Force Essence 5 - Imperial Refinery - Come through the gap on the left-hand side of the preceding room to get to this echo on a ledge.

Life Essence 5 - Overgrown Pass - You reach this echo by returning towards the Refinery from the Overgrown Pass area.

Force Essence 8 - Imperial Refinery - Near where you rescue the Wookies in the Imperial Refinery there's a pipe you can climb across covered by a plume of black smoke. Jump across here to a secret path with a Force Essence.

Force Essence 9 - Forest Trench - Once you get the Powered Zipline, slide up the zipwire in the Forest Trench

Dathomir Health and Force Essence

Life Essence 4 - Brother's Bastion - This is found in the Brother’s Bastion near the Double-bladed Lightsaber. From the table where you find it, continue around to the right down the pathway and climb up the vines - the echo is at the top of the wall.

Life Essence 8 - Upper Strangled Cliffs - Push wood block from upper level to get to other side of locked gate

Force Essence 11 - Witches Horn - Climb back up the cliff after Gorgara fight

Ilum Health and Force Essence

Force Essence 12 - Shattered Lake - Right-hand fork of Shattered Lake

Health Essence 10 - Crystal Caves - Once you spot this echo in the distance, make your way over to that side of the and swing to get around the back of it.

Health Essence 11 - Crystal Caves - When you reach the meditation point in the Crystal Caves, look to the left and you'll see an opening straddled by two statues. Go through the opening, then look for some icicles you can slice on your left. This leads to a secret path which leads down to a Life Essence.

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