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Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch: How to unlock Stitch with the three socks

Something extra terrestrial is happening in Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is home to an array of vibrant characters, but none of them are quite as small, adorable, and weirdly charming as Stitch. Joining us now is no other than the strange, blue alien himself, but discovering his existence in the valley isn’t all that straight-forward.

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In fact, it starts with a wet sock. Not exactly the biggest indicator that a cheeky blue monster is going to be setting up camp, but stranger things have happened in Dreamlight Valley. Ohana means family, so here’s how to unlock Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley and expand your ever-growing list of friends.

How to unlock Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • Find the first sock

First things first, to unlock Stitch in Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to head to Dazzle Beach and find the glistening wet sock that’s washed up there.

Picking up the wet sock starts the quest ‘The Mystery of the Stolen Socks’. Fortunately, figuring out who this sock belongs to is easy: they have ‘DD’ monogrammed into the lining, meaning they must belong to Donald Duck!

The player hands over a wet sock to Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Return the wet sock to Donald.

Find Donald Duck, and return the wet sock to him. He’ll then explain why he owns socks despite never actually wearing them, and ask that you search his home for clues as to who stole his sock.

In Donald Duck’s home, there are five piles of trash for you to clear up.

The player tidies piles of trash in Donald Duck's home in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Clear up the five piles of trash in Donald's house to find the Strange Device.

After doing the impromptu tidying, you’ll discover a Strange Device. Give the device to Donald, and he’ll then suggest that you look out for more wet socks and strange lights in the sky while you both figure out what’s going on.

  • Find the second sock

After finishing up Donald's quest, you'll need to wait five days. Then, a second sock will wind up in Peaceful Meadow, all chewed up and with a 'G' sewn into it. Therefore, it must belong to Goofy.

The player looks at a chewed-up sock on the floor of Peaceful Meadow in Disney Dreamlight Valley
We found the sock in a far corner of Peaceful Meadow.

Once you find the sock, take it to Goofy and speak with him. He, like Donald, will send you to his house where you'll end up cleaning up his mess. During this, you'll find some blue fur that you'll need to then take to Donald.

  • Find the third sock

Speaking with Donald concludes your last quest, and you'll then need to wait another five days before you can continue.

Following the five days, you'll be able to find a third sock in the Forest of Valor area. After picking it up, you'll be asked to speak with Merlin, Mickey, and Kristoff. However, you can cut out some of the legwork by speaking to Merlin first, who will confirm that it's his sock.

The player finds Merlin's sock in the Forest of Valor in Disney Dreamlight Valley
You might have to scour Forest of Valor for this one, but we found it near the stream.

Like the prior two occasions you returned a sock to its rightful owner, you'll now need to head to Merlin's house and clean up his rubbish. When you do, you'll find a mysterious claw among the trash.

Take the claw to Donald Duck, and speak with him.

  • Place the homing beacon

You'll then be able to place a small device called the homing beacon by Skull Rock on Dazzle Beach. Once placed, Stitch will come crashing down into your village, literally, and you'll be able to talk to him and build his home finally.

Stitch lands on Skull Rock via the homing beacon in Disney Dreamlight Valley
You'll find Stitch on Skull Rock island after he lands.

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