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Disney Dreamlight Valley Critters guide: How to feed animals their favourite foods

Critters are one of your best bets for finding Dream Shards, so you best be feeding them!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about living your best life as a farmer, miner, and general restorer of peace among your favourite Disney characters. The valley is being intruded by the Forgotten, and it's up to us to keep the place peaceful. In fact, the game is packed with small, charming activities to take part in. One of which is feeding the Critters you'll run into!

Critters are Disney Dreamlight Valley’s wildlife, and they’re all as wide-eyed and adorable as it gets. From squirrels, to raccoons, to arctic foxes, you’ve plenty of people - and animals - to tend to throughout this game. It’s worth noting, however, that some of these Critters are much trickier to approach and befriend than others, and they all have their own favourite foods.

With that in mind, we’ve explained how to feed Critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what their favourite foods are.

How do I feed Critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Well, it’s important to first note what limitations there are when feeding Critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so that you don’t waste time chasing them around the Plaza and wherever else. Two of each Critter will spawn each day in the area they typically inhabit. For example, the Valor Forest will have two raccoons each day, and the Plaza will have two squirrels and bunnies each day.

As well as this, you can only feed each Critter once per day, and you’ll need to feed them their favourite food if you’re hoping they’ll drop a Dream Shard or something else good. You can also unlock Critters as companions, a type of pet, by feeding them for two days in a row! If you unlock one as a pet, they'll follow you around to valley and accompany you when completing your tasks.

We’re going to show you how to feed animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley below, and we’ve detailed each Critter’s favourite food too!


These guys can be found in the Plaza and appear in five variants: classic, grey, black, white, and red. They don’t require any pandering to, and can be approached simply by running up to them. As for their favourite food, it’s peanuts.


These adorable little guys - honestly, one of the cutest animals in existence if you ask me - are located in Peaceful Meadows. Their variants are classic, calico, black, brown, and white, and they’re, obviously, a big fan of carrots.

When it comes to approaching them, walk toward them, and eventually they’ll do a little bounce before running away again. You’ll want to do this three times before the rabbit actually lets you feed them.

A player looks at a rabbit in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sea Turtles

You can expect to find these guys down by the water on Dazzle Beach, and they’re big fans of seaweed. You’ll find them in classic, black, brown, purple, and white variants.

You’ll have noticed that Sea Turtles will retreat into their shell whenever you approach them. Simply stand still and wait until they pop their head back out again, and you’ll then be able to feed them.


Raccoons are some of the most mischievous Critters of the lot, and they made me do plenty of running around Valor Forest before I eventually realised how to get on their good side. These Critters like blueberries, and will appear in classic, black, red, blue, and white variants.

Approach the raccoon, and eventually they’ll sit on their hind legs like a meerkat. When they do this, stand still, and as soon as they crouch down temporarily, take one step forward. Keep repeating this, and eventually you’ll be close enough to the raccoon to be able to feed it.

A player looks at a raccoon in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Crocodiles are located in Glade of Trust, and they’re much smaller than you’d think. Appearing in classic, blue, pink, red, white, and gold variants, these little dudes like lobster.

Approaching them is very similar to how you approach raccoons. Wait for a crocodile to stand still and looking down, then creep closer. Stand still whenever they look up. Eventually, you’ll be close enough to interact with them.


Sunbirds, while not a favourite animal so to speak, definitely stand out as one of the more beautiful Critters in Dreamlight Valley. They can be found in Sunlit Plateau, in orchid, red, emerald, turquoise, and golden variants. As for snacks, their favourite is the bromeliad flower.

These guys can be approached whenever you’re able to get close, although they will speed around quite quickly.

A player looks at a sunbird in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Foxes are found up in Frosted Heights, and they like snacking on white sturgeon. Their variants are classic, red, black, white, and brown, and these guys act pretty similarly to rabbits.

You’ll need to chase after the foxes a few times before you can actually interact with them, just like you did with Peaceful Meadows rabbits.


Ravens can be found up in the Forgotten Lands, which costs a whopping 15,000 Dreamlight to access. Once you're able to venture into the area, you can approach Ravens by getting close to them, letting them circle you, and then interacting with them after that.

These guys are particularly fussy eaters, and their favourite food is any freshly-cooked 5 star meal. The meal itself doesn't matter, as long as it's 5 stars!

That’s it for feeding Critters across Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more on the game, check out how to find various important resources such as Iron Ore and Clay, and how you can level your friendships fast.

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