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Disney Dreamlight Valley Flying Metal Nuisance quest walkthrough

My life as a cardboard robot

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Flying Metal Nuisance quest is one of the first hurdles you face in the Rift in Time DLC, and Jafar is happy to let you guess at what your next step is. Convincing EVE to stop harassing the wily vizier involves several steps, including helping Goofy set up shop and making a new recipe.

Our Disney Dreamlight Valley Flying Metal Nuisance guide walks you through each step, including where to find EVE's hidden memory.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Flying Metal Nuisance

Once you speak with Jafar on the northern side of the landing, he’ll ask you to deal with the flying metal nuisance and upgrade your pickaxe for free. The upgraded version lets you mine copper nodes – the brown-ish rock clumps you’ve probably seen scattered around the area. Head back to the docks, and look for the bridge that’s blocked off by copper nodes.

Destroy the nodes, and explore the new area. EVE, a small, white robot, is hovering to your right. You can explore her ship if you want, though you can’t interact with anything inside yet. Speak with EVE to get the gist of what she believes her goal is, and then head back to Jafar.

Go back to EVE’s ship, and clear away the junk piles inside. You’ll find a photo showing EVE at a picnic behind a waterfall with what looks like a cardboard robot costume – because it is a cardboard robot costume. Your next task is finding it.

Dreamlight Valley – Hidden area shown in memory

The waterfall is near EVE’s house, just across the bridge. Walk behind it, and turn left to find a small area with a few areas to investigate. Interact with everything to get the robot costume pieces for your head and body. Equip them from your wardrobe menu, and speak with EVE again. She’ll give you a new Dreamlight Valley recipe for the meal she remembers eating in that photo, but there’s a slight catch. You can only get one of the ingredients from Goofy.

How to get Goofy’s Stall in Ancient Landing

Setting up Goofy’s stall is a two-part process. You need to find his shop sign first, which is sitting among some random garbage on a wooden table near the docks, in front of a stone staircase.

You also need 12 plastic scraps and 25 copper chunks. Dreamlight Valley doesn’t really tell you where to find these, so check out our guide for how to get plastic scraps if you need a hand.

Dreamlight Valley Best Fish Forever recipe

Once Goofy’s stall is open, you can gather the missing ingredient for EVE’s Best Fish Forever meal – celery. Purchase a few bags from Goofy, or just speak with him to get five for free. Plant them in Ancient Landing or back in the valley, water them, and harvest when the crop is ready.

You also need:

  • 1 blue snail – found by fishing in blue ripples in Ancient Landing
  • 1 robot fish – found by fishing in orange ripples in Ancient Landing
  • 1 cumin – a white flower harvested in Ancient Landing

Getting a blue snail or robot snail isn’t guaranteed, so it might take some time and extra effort before you can get what you need.

Cook the dish, bring it to EVE, and she decides you’re her old friend after all. She lets you take the Royal Hourglass tool for your trouble, and you can speak with Jafar to continue your quest.

If you're after more to do in the valley itself, check out our guide for how to get Jack Skellington to move in.

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