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Disney Dreamlight Valley is one step closer to multiplayer with new weekly photo challenges

The DreamSnaps update will arrive on July 19.

Image credit: GameLoft

GameLoft has announced that the DreamSnaps update for Disney Dreamlight Valley is due to go live on Wednesday, July 19. With that, it has also shared the patch notes for the update, and it appears there’s plenty to look forward to.

The DreamSnaps update will be bringing new content to the game, including Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope and their associated friendship quests, as well as DreamSnaps itself. What is DreamSnaps, though?

Well, DreamSnaps will see players getting creative, offering the opportunity to participate in weekly photo challenges. Rewards will be dished out for participating, meaning you can bag yourself some Moonstone, furniture, and new clothing for taking part.

That said, it’s worth noting that Touch of Magic Clothing and Furniture will not be compatible with DreamSnaps and can’t be included in your submissions.

DreamSnaps is as close to multiplayer as we have gotten in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Arguably, multiplayer is one huge feature that would make Disney Dreamlight Valley even more fun; when quests are completed and there’s little to do but farm, and pretty up the valley, it would be nice to be in the company of friends, too. Alas, we’ll have to wait and see if this is something GameLoft will consider in future.

For now, though, competing with other players in DreamSnaps seems like a fun way to share players' efforts around their individual valleys.

On top of new content, the DreamSnaps update is also dishing out plenty of bug fixes, which you can read the full extent of over on GameLoft’s website. Some highlights include plenty of friendship quest-related bugs finally being fixed, and that bug that saw the wrong item names displayed in Scrooge McDuck’s store has been quelled.

The DreamSnaps update for Disney Dreamlight Valley will arrive on 19 July at 1pm UTC / 2PM BST / 9AM ET / 6AM PT. Your game will be automatically updated once it’s available, so you can dive straight into the new content!

Will you be checking out the DreamSnaps update? If so, what do you think of multiplayer in Disney Dreamlight Valley in future?

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