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Disney Dreamlight Valley opens its doors to Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother

Hop in, my dear. We can’t waste time!

Image credit: Gameloft

As part of the fifth major content update for Disney Dreamlight Valley, players are now able to give a warm welcome to Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

Coined ‘The Remembering’ update, this is supposedly Disney Dreamlight Valley’s biggest story update yet. With Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother arriving in the valley, players will have new friendship quests to complete that will finally provide an answer to whoever that giant orange pumpkin belongs to. And guess what? This update is available right now.

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Fairy Godmother isn’t the only new addition to the valley, however. There’s an all new Pixar-themed Star Path, allowing players to earn items from films such as Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Inside Out, and Turning Red. There’s also new items available to purchase from the premium shop, as you’d expect from an update like this!

You’ll also be able to preview your items in the premium shop before buying them now, too, which is a neat quality of life addition. Even Scrooge McDuck’s shop has some new items for players to purchase, and items you already own are now marked in the shop, so you don’t risk buying duplicates you don’t need.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now also making sure players can continue to express themselves however they please; a new mannequin feature can be used to switch and save outfits, umbrella hand accessories are here, and we can customise our tools with premium skins. We can also customise our furniture with any motifs we’ve earned!

On top of this, the developers have also shared a lengthy list of bugs that they’ve managed to squash. This includes, but isn’t limited to, some quest related bugs, a bug which prevented Memory Shards and Star Coins from spawning via Night Thorns, and an issue which didn’t let some of us buy or sell at Goofy’s store.

You can see the full list of fixes made during this update over on the Disney Dreamlight Valley website. All in all, what do you think of the update? I definitely have more of an affinity towards The Lion King than Cinderella, but it’s good to see Gameloft constantly adding quality of life improvements and giving keen valley-goers what they want to see!

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