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How to get Wrapping Paper and complete Ho! Ho! Ho! in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It's the season of giving in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The player stands in front of the pillar in Frosted Heights in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image credit: GameLoft/VG247

The festive season is quickly approaching, and Disney Dreamlight Valley is making sure that players get involved in some seasonal events. One such duty that you’ll be tasked with undertaking is called Ho! Ho! Ho!, which has you dishing out gifts to all of your favourite characters in the valley.

To give characters some festive gifts, however, you’re going to need to get your hands on plenty of Wrapping Paper and resources to actually gift them with! Without further ado, here’s how to get Wrapping Paper and complete the Ho! Ho! Ho! duty in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to get Wrapping Paper and complete Ho! Ho! Ho! in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The holidays are already here (or nearly here, if you’re still working like some of us are), and as a result, Disney Dreamlight Valley’s festive events are well under-way.

As Christmas quickly approaches Dreamlight Valley, you’ll be assigned a festive duty called Ho! Ho! Ho! which tasks you with taking part in the season of giving by gifting presents to ten different characters in your valley.

The player looks at some Festive Wrapping Paper on the floor outside of Scrooge McDuck's store in Disney Dreamlight Valley
You'll find Festive Wrapping Paper on the floor around Scrooge McDuck's store. | Image credit: GameLoft/VG247

They can’t be any old gift, however. These gifts have to be festive-themed, and for that, you’ll need Wrapping Paper. In the days leading up to Christmas, you’ll find rolls of Wrapping Paper cropping up around Scrooge McDuck’s store that you can collect.

In our experience, only one roll of Festive Wrapping Paper will spawn each separate day that we login, so you’ll need to have a little patience when it comes to completing this quest. That said, you can also acquire five pieces of Wrapping Paper at the time of writing using Disney Dreamlight Valley codes, which will help give you a headstart on completing the Ho! Ho! Ho! duty.

The player looks at crafting festive gifts at a Crafting Bench in Disney Dreamlight Valley
You can craft festive gifts using the Festive Wrapping Paper and other items at a Crafting Bench. | Image credit: GameLoft/VG247

Once you’ve some Wrapping Paper, you can then pay a visit to your nearest Crafting Bench and begin crafting festive-themed gifts from the ‘Functional Items’ tab. You’ll find that you actually have a choice between four different types of gift you can give to your neighbours, and the recipes for these are as follows:

  • Naughty Gift - 1x Wrapping Paper, 1x Coal
  • Handcrafted Gift - 1x Wrapping Paper, 1x Holiday Feast Chair
  • Shiny Gift - 1x Wrapping Paper, 1x Shiny Emerald, 1x Shiny Ruby
  • Delicious Gift - 1x Wrapping Paper, 1x Hot Cocoa, 1x Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies

To finish off the Ho! Ho! Ho! duty, you’ll need to take your festive gifts and give them to ten different characters around Dreamlight Valley.

For more on Disney Dreamlight Valley, take a look at the sleep schedules of characters so you know when and where to find them. Also, have a look at our recipe list so you can cook up a storm for your neighbours in Dreamlight Valley!

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