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Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Royal Tool Locations for the fishing rod, shovel, watering can and pickaxe

Get prepared for life in Dreamlight Valley by grabbing all of these tools!

As you first start out your whimsical new life in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll have to get to grips with a lot of things quite quickly. The first being that you can use magic, in a lot of cases, to clear things up.

That said, magic won’t take you all that far, and this is where the Royal Tools are necessary. The Royal Tools is one of the first quests assigned to you by Merlin, and will have you hunting down a Pickaxe, Watering Can, Shovel, and Fishing Rod.

Once you know exactly where to find them, acquiring the Royal Tools isn’t a tricky task at all, and it’ll set you up for getting around the world of Dreamlight Valley! Without further ado, here’s where to find all Royal Tools - the Pickaxe, Watering Can, Shovel, and Fishing Rod - across Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where do I find the Pickaxe in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Pickaxe is one of the first Royal Tools you’ll be able to find in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Royal Tool can be found in the south-east area of the Plaza, just behind the house in which Scrooge McDuck is stood in front of.

Once you retrieve the Pickaxe, the darkness shrouding the Plaza will disappear! You can then use the Pickaxe to mine minerals, rocks, and to clear any obstructions in your way.

A player looks at Royal Tool, the Pickaxe, in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where do I find the Watering Can in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Watering Can is located just behind your house; the one which you just cleared of Thorns alongside Merlin. You might find that it’s concealed by some broken barrels, but these are easy enough to clear given your other new Royal Tools.

Once retrieved, the Watering Can is used to water your flowers and crops.

A player holds the Watering Can Royal Tool in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where do I find the Shovel in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Next, you can find the Shovel in the north-east area of the plaza, situated beside the Ratatouille restaurant, Rez Chemy. Once collected, the Shovel can be used to clear more obstructions you may come across during your adventure, and can prepare soil for plants!

A player faces the Shovel Royal Tool outside Ratatouille restaurant, Chez Remy, in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where do I find the Fishing Rod in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Last, but not least, the Fishing Rod is only accessible once you’ve retrieved the Pickaxe. Using the Pickaxe, head south of the Plaza you’re in and make your way through the Peaceful Meadow. You’ll then find a small pond where you can grab the Fishing Rod, but you’ll find that the rod is broken.

This starts the Fishing Expedition quest, which will see you taking the broken rod to Goofy's house just by the pond. He’ll then replace your broken rod with a fully functional one, and to finish off the quest, you’ll then need to go fishing with Goofy and fix his stall. Have fun!

A player looks at the broken Fishing Rod Royal Tool in Peaceful Meadow of Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now that you’ve all four Royal Tools in your possession, make your way to Dream Castle to speak with Merlin. This’ll conclude the Royal Tools quest, and you can then go about starting your new life in Dreamlight Valley!

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