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Disney Dreamlight Valley You’re My Favorite Deputy Walkthrough: How to get Woody

It’s time to invite Woody into Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a new realm finally available, and this time, the Toy Story crew are coming to join the already vibrant array of characters. The Toy Story realm whisks you away into Bonnie’s toy room, littered with general mess, toys, and magical growing cactuses. Additionally, Buzz and Woody are also hiding away here.

Catch the trailer for Disney Dreamlight Valley's latest update here.

After you’ve invited Buzz to move in during the A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space quest, it’s time for you to go on another rescue mission of your own to have Woody move into your town. Without further ado, here’s how to get Woody in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: You’re My Favorite Deputy Walkthrough

After helping Buzz set up his RV in your last adventure, the next quest, which sees Woody move into your town, kicks off.

To start the You’re My Favourite Deputy, make your way back to the Toy Story realm and speak with Woody, who’ll ask that you find eight Ice Pop Sticks and five Pipe Cleaners to help rebuild Bonnie’s farm.

Where to find Ice Pop Sticks and Pipe Cleaners in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To collect the Ice Pop Sticks, find the small piles of scrunched up paper, paperclips, and Ice Pop Sticks around the room (pictured below). Hit these with your shovel, and you’ll retrieve an Ice Pop Stick.

Ice Pop Sticks in Disney Dreamlight Valley's Toy Story realm
Hit these piles of litter with your shovel for Ice Pop Sticks.

For the Pipe Cleaners, locate the large lollipops that are around the room, also pictured below. Hit these with your pickaxe to claim the Pipe Cleaners.

Pipe Cleaners in Disney Dreamlight Valley's Toy Story realm
Hit these lollipops with your pickaxe for Pipe Cleaners.

Give the items to Woody, who’ll give you a whole song and dance in excitement. He’ll then say that he needs Yellow Daisies next, which means heading back off to Dreamlight Valley.

Back in Dreamlight Valley, pick two Yellow Daisies and speak with Buzz about finding something that can hold Bonnie’s farm together.

Yellow Daisies in the collection in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Yellow Daisies can be found in Dreamlight Valley's plaza.

Buzz will give you the materials you need, and once again, it’s time to head back to the Toy Story realm and give these (as well as our Yellow Daisies) to Woody.

After speaking with Woody, he’ll reconstruct Bonnie’s farm. However, it needs a few final touches… animals! Explore the room looking for five origami animals. There are two origami elephants, a penguin, a turtle, and a butterfly to find, then you can give these to Woody.

After this, it’s time for Woody to join Buzz in Dreamlight Valley. Return to the town, and open your Furniture menu to place Woody’s Carousel wherever you please.

Then, interact with the Scrooge McDuck sign by Woody’s plot to have it constructed. This’ll set you back 10,000 coins, but once built, Woody will move right in!

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