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Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa locations and Sand Grease Pupa farming tips

Sand, grease, and pupa - what's not to love

The Sumeru desert might be vast, but finding the Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa locations is easier than you may think. The ascension material calls the northern desert region home, first accessible in the Version 3.4 update, and while you do have to venture underground for several of the pupa, the process is much less involved than it is with Scarabs.

Alhaitham uses Sand Grease Pupa as an ascension material, and some speculation points to Dehya using them as well.

There are roughly 75 pupa, so if you’re planning to build both characters, make sure to start gathering early.

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Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa locations

Sands of Al-Azif Sand Grease Pupa locations

All the Sand Grease Pupa are located around the giant tornado and Mt. Damavand, though you find most of them in the southeast, near the Sands of Al-Azif and the Passage of Ghouls. Most of them are underground, but in easily accessible areas.

Sands of Three Canals Sand Grease Pupa locations

A small handful are scattered south of the Sands of Three Canals.

Wadi Al-Majuj Sand Grease Pupa locations

The last cluster is around Wadi Al-Majuj. Mind how you go in this area. Wenut circle below the sand and burst out with little notice, dealing quite a bit of damage if you get hit.

Sand Grease Pupa farming tips

Like all local specialties, Sand Grease Pupa take two real-world days to respawn. They’re animal materials, so you can’t grow them or obtain them in any other way aside from finding them in the wild.

You can group the Al-Azif Sand Grease Pupa into four clusters. For the first, start at the northern waypoint, and head south along the path underground. The eastern cluster is easier to reach once you unlock the Domain underground, and for the southwestern bunch, use the waypoint near the Passage of Ghouls. Drop down, and you’ll find the pupa lining the canyon wall.

The southernmost set surrounds the Setekh Wenut boss, whose item drops you also need for Alhaitham’s ascension.

The two teleport waypoints near the Three Canals make grabbing these fairly convenient.

And the same is true for the Wadi Al-Majuj set. You'll need to do a bit of climbing, but if you have Kazuha or Wanderer in your party, that'll give you a nice boost up the rock face.

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