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The best Genshin Impact Wanderer build, weapons, and Wanderer F2P options

Not all who wander are Scaramouche

The best Genshin Impact Wanderer build is surprisingly flexible and easy to put together, centering as it does on the new Anemo 5-star character's normal attack damage.

Wanderer is a powerful Anemo character who excels at strong attacks and benefits from different boons depending on which elements his skills interact with. While he doesn’t have a place on Dendro teams, he doesn't really need anyone else.

Even if you don't luck out with his signature weapon, you have plenty of other choices - even a 3-star catalyst - to help him shine.

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Genshin Impact Wanderer

When is the Wanderer banner?

Wanderer’s banner begins on December 6, 2022 when Genshin Impact 3.3 begins, and it runs for 19 days, until December 25, 2022. Another Arataki Itto banner rerun joins Wanderer’s, though HoYoverse didn’t announce who the 4-star characters on both banners will be.

Is Wanderer a DPS?

Wanderer is absolutely a DPS character. His skills require him to stay on the field and, ideally, interact with other elements that are already present, but unlike most Anemo characters, Wanderer can hold his own even without consistent elemental support.

Wanderer has a high base attack stat of 25, putting him up there with the likes of Eula and Shenhe, and his normal attack multipliers are quite high for a catalyst user, even at talent level 1. Those multipliers are important, as most of Wanderer’s damage output comes from his normal attacks and charged attacks.

Wanderer’s skill has combat and exploration benefits. It creates a small Anemo explosion that damages nearby enemies and propels him into the air. He can then stay in the air for a short while, dashing or simply hovering. In this state, Wanderer’s normal and charged attacks have broader area of effect.

Genshin Impact Wanderer build: An anime young man with black hair and violet eyes, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, floats in mid-air against a black background

His second passive talent, Jade-Claimed Flower, augments his skill substantially and grants different buffs depending on which elements the initial Anemo explosion interacts with.

  • Hydro: Lets Wanderer remain in the air for longer
  • Pyro: Increases attack by 30 percent
  • Cryo: Critical rate increases by 20 percent
  • Electro: Wanderer restores energy when his normal and charged attacks deal damage

Cryo in particular is important. Wanderer has critical damage as his bonus stat, so anything that increases the chance of actually dealing critical damage is a good thing.

Wanderer’s burst is more straightforward and resembles Venti’s burst, minus the suction effect. He creates an Anemo field that grinds enemies with multiple wind blades.

Wanderer doesn’t need other elements to trigger Swirl, since he can just deal heavy Anemo damage on his own. Better still, his skill cooldown timer only lasts six seconds, so you can take advantage of an almost endless cycle of skill damage and increased normal attack damage before starting again.

Though he can handle most foes on his own, including at least a Pyro and a Cryo character makes Wanderer even more potent. Consider pairing him with characters such as Xiangling, Bennett, and Diona.

Should I pull for Wanderer?

It depends on the state of your party. If you already have Kazuha or venti, or both, then the answer is probably not – unless you just want to add him. He doesn’t do anything that Kazuha and Venti can’t do, and unlike Kazuha and even some 4 stars such as Sucrose, Wanderer doesn’t do anything to help your other party members.

If you need another strong DPS character, though, Wanderer is one of the best in recent updates – comparatively simple, straightforward to build, and powerful.

Genshin Impact Wanderer build: An anime young man with black hair and violet eyes prepares to stomp down on a glowing green vortex

What is the best Genshin Impact Wanderer build?

The best Wanderer build boosts his attack damage more than it does his Anemo damage, and you have quite a few options to choose from for that kind of build.

Best Wanderer weapon – Tulaytullah’s Remembrance

Tulaytullah’s Remembrance is a new 5-star weapon and is also Wanderer’s signature weapon. It has an exceptionally high attack stat of 47 and increases the user’s critical damage by almost 10 percent at level 1. The catalyst’s passive skill increases normal attack speed and, for every hit that lands after you use an elemental skill, it increases normal attack damage. It can grant a buff of up to 48 percent.

Skyward Atlas is another strong choice. This catalyst also increases attack, and the passive skill boosts elemental damage. As a catalyst user, all of Wanderer’s attacks deal elemental damage. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds also works well. This one increases elemental damage and the user’s critical rate.

On the 4-star side, Solar Pearl – obtained through reaching battle pass tier 30 – works well for Wanderer. It also raises critical hit rate, and it buffs the user’s normal attack when they use a skill and their skill damage when they use a normal attack.

Best Wanderer Artifacts – Desert Pavilion Chronicle

The new Desert Pavilion Chronicle set also seems tailor-made for Wanderer.

  • 2-piece effect: Increases Anemo damage by 15 percent
  • 4-piece effect: When charged attacks hit opponents, the equipping character's normal attack speed will increase by 10 percent, while normal, charged, and plunging attack damage will increase by 40 percent for 15 seconds

If you’re early in the game or want to experiment with something different, you have several other options available, including the Martial Artist set.

  • 2-piece effect: Increases normal and charged attack by 15 percent
  • 4-piece effect: After using an elemental skill, normal and charged attack damage increases by a further 25 percent

Shimenawa’s Reminisence may also serve you well.

  • 2-piece effect: Raises attack by 18 percent
  • 4-piece effect: If the user has 15 or more energy when using an elemental skill, they lose 15 energy, and increase normal, charged, and plunging attack damage by 50 percent for 10 seconds

Genshin Impact Wanderer build: An anime young man with black hair and violet eyes stares ahead with a look of determination

Whatever set you choose, aim for critical hit rate, attack, and Anemo damage for your substats.

What is the best Genshin Impact Wanderer F2P build?

Craftable catalysts don’t quite stack up to other craftable weapons, so your forgeable F2P options are a bit more niche. There is a strong 3-star option that works rather well, though.

Best Wanderer F2P weapon – Twin Nephrite

Twin Nephrite is a 3-star weapon you can find in Liyue chests, and it’s a strong contender for one of wanderer’s best weapons. It has a decent base attack stat of 40 and a secondary stat that boosts critical hit rate. The passive skill increases movement speed and attack by 12 percent after the wielder defeats a foe.

Mappa Mare is another choice, albeit one that relies on other party members and the user triggering elemental reactions. Its secondary stat buffs elemental mastery, and the passive increases elemental damage when the user triggers a reaction.

Best Wanderer F2P Artifacts – Desert Pavilion Chronicle

The same philosophy for Wanderer’s paid set applies here. Desert Pavilion Chronicle is your best bet, but Martial Artist is a very strong second choice.

Keep a thought for the upcoming Genshin Impact characters as well to see how they might fit with Layla, and make sure to redeem any active Genshin Impact codes because everyone loves freebies.

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