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Fortnite The Kid LAROI concert start date: how to watch and event rewards

Fortnite is getting a new in-game concert soon. Here's when, how, and why to watch it.

Fortnite and The Kid LAROI are partnering up for an in-game event. Taking place on The Kid LAROI Wild Dream Island, players will be able to attend a concert and an after party, featuring unreleased songs and the opportunity for Kid LAROI cosmetics.

If that sounds like something you’ll be interested in, we’ve written up this quick guide on the Fortnite x The Kid LAROI Concert date, time, rewards and how to watch the concert.

Check out the Fortnite "A New Beginning" trailer here!

The Kid LAROI Fortnite event

Over the course of ten days, players will be able to jump on a unique The Kid LAROI island to listen to their music, complete some special themed quests, pick up The KID LAROI cosmetics, and a no-build duos Kid LAROI cup that comes with its own distinct rewards for high-scoring players.

A lot of what you can earn is free, but there’s also a spread of The Kid LAROI items in the shop that you can buy if you want. All of this is set to take place within a relatively small amount of time though, so you’ll want to be quick if you want to get everything.

Fortnite x The Kid LAROI concert date and time

The Fortnite x The Kid LAROI concert is taking place on Friday, January 27.

It’s important you get on the Wild Dreams island in time for the show itself if you want to catch it from start to finish. As such, we’ve got all the regional times for the Fortnite x The Kid LAROI concert below:

  • US East Coast — 6PM
  • US West Coast — 3PM
  • UK — 11PM
  • EU — 12AM (Saturday, 28th)

How to watch the Fortnite x The Kid LAROI concert

Fortnite x The Kid LAROI loading screen
One of the loading screens available during this event.

For a step-by-step guide on how to watch the event live, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to watch the Fortnite x The Kid LAROI concert

  1. Start Fortnite on your console / PC / phone
  2. Navigate to the main menu
  3. Enter the Wild Dreams island from the menu
  4. Alternatively, enter the Wild Dreams island with the island code 2601-0606-9081

Once the Wild Dreams concert is finished, you’ll be able to jump onto the after party island via the same method, or with the island code 4294-0410-6136.

Fortnite x The Kid LAROI rewards

Fortnite x The Kid LAROI outfit and sprays
Get yourself one of these outfits, by playing good, or paying good.

There are plenty of rewards up for grabs over the course of the Fortnite x The Kid LAROI event.

Let's start with the free stuff. Players who complete The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams quests can earn the following items:

  • Love Again lobby track
  • Thousand Miles lobby track
  • LAROI loading screen
  • The Rogue loading screen
  • LAROI Was Here spray
  • LRAOI’s Tag spray

These quests are active from January 27 to February 3.

If you’re a skilled player, you can take part in The Kid LAROI cup! Earning points in the top percentile of players in your region will earn you some truly exclusive stuff, which can be found below:

  • The Kid LAROI outfit
  • Get My Bag Back Bling
  • The ROgue LAROI Outfit
  • Tragic BLADE Back Bling
  • Tragic BLADE Pickax
  • LAROI Banner Icon
  • LAROI’s Smile Emoticon

Finally, if you’d rather spend some cash for some cool new cosmetics, you can grab the following from the store starting January 26:

  • The Kid LAROI outfit
  • The ROuge LAROI
  • Stay Afloat Emote
  • Heart of a King emote
  • Stay Lobby Trak
  • LAROI Party Start Bundle (includes Wild Dreams Loading Screen)

Are you excited for the Fortnite x The Kid LAROI concert? Let us know below!

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