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Fortnite's Fallout stuff arrives today, because we all need to see a guy in power armour chug Nuka Cola while hitting the griddy

There's also a dude made of peas as a skin, because Fortnite.

A Fortnite character wearing T-60 power armour from Fallout.
Image credit: Epic Games/Bethesda

It's been a big few months for Fallout, mainly thanks to that little TV show you might have heard about, but also some updates to Fallout 4 that've, er, garnered a pretty mixed reaction. Now, though, the series has really made it into the mainstream - starting today, some stuff from it's in Fortnite.

Yup, stop worrying about your VATS not working like it should, it's time to shake your gyatt by hitting the default dance and skibidi toilet with high level rizz into the litness, my dudes. I'm 25, and life already scares me.

We'd already gotten a few sneak peeks at the T-60 power armour - very much the in-vogue power armour since Fallout 4 dropped - which is being added to Fortnite as part of Chapter 5 Season 3. Dubbed Wrecked, this season's also bringing bottles of Nuka Cola to the game, which you can chug to restore ypur health and a bit of shield.

Seriously, in the trailer below, you can see someone in power armour downing some of this sweet juice, by pouring it directly onto the front of their helmet. Fallout's dignity certainly remining intact there.

The majority of the rest of the stuff on on offer in the season, and it indeed its main plot points, lookt to have been inspired by Mad Max, because what is the difference between a nuclear apoclaypse and one where everyone suddenly becomes Australian and starts wearing bondage gear, after all? Please stop typing your comment, I know the former's drawn a fair amount of inspiration from the latter over the years, and probably vice versa.

"A ferocious sandstorm recently moved over the Island, creating a new biome in the south dubbed the wasteland. The “Wasteland Warriors” have already called shotgun on owning the place," reads the season's blog post, with locations like Redline Rig, Brutal Beachhead, and the Nitrodrome to explore, and nitro to collect.

Also, you can now play as a person made up of three peas in a pod, which is cool.

If you're looking for Fallout 4 mods, rather than well - this- make sure to check out our recently revamped list of the best ones to grab if you're constructing a fresh load order in 2024. One of those lets you ride a Deathclaw, by the way.

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