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Fallout 4's latest update has stopped explosive piggy banks turning into giant red signs, but VATS issues look to persist

Most of the changes are to do with graphics, but your misbehaving goofy guns have proven to be the exception.

Fallout 4's Sole Survivor firing the piggy bank Fat Man.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda

The weird second part of Fallout 4's next-gen update, which we first learned about last week, arrived yesterday, bringing with it a host of fixes mainly aimed at getting the game to run and look a bit better. It's also fixed one of the funniest issues folks had reported experiencing with the first update, though other problems look to persist.

If you're just catching up on things, a lot of the big complants folks had about Fallout 4's next-gen update have involved problems that've since been resolved or the effect it's had on mods. Though, there were some other pesky issues highlighted around its release, a couple of which look to still be a thing.

First, the good news. Players are reporting that the fun new makeshift weapons featured in the quest 'When Pigs Fly' are no longer being replaced by the big red signs that usually signify a texture issue of some kind - something some folks had reported experiencing when delving into the next-gen update for the first time. This includes the new Piggy Bank Fat Man and Piggy Bank mines - which are very fun, if a bit OP to become regular fixtures in everyone's arsenal.

Unfortunately, there do look to be a couple of issues this latest update hasn't rectified, with the main one players are bothered about being problems some have been having with VATS. The main issue seems to only be affecting certain players - with some folks on the same platforms as those who've encountered it saying they haven't - but it basically looks to make it possible to target enemies through walls when you shoudn't be able to, offering you a chance to hit even though the shot's path is obstructed.

While the game's Penetrator perk does allow you deal some damage to enemies through cover via VATS, it looks like the players reporting this issue haven't taken it. Meanwhile, some are reporting experiencing different issues with VATS, such as hit percentages fluctuating unnaturally or the mechanic just not allowing them to hit foes as it should.

"I honestly don't care about anything else [being fixed]," one player wrote in a Reddit thread about this latest update, "I understand others do of course, but my biggest issue is VATS not working. It's my favourite way of doing any kind of combat and I always base my builds off VATS. The inconsistency with it at the moment isn't fun to play with."

So, hopefully these problems can be fixed in some fashion soon. Especially since the update's changes to how players - especially those on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 - can manage the graphical fidelity and frame rate the game aims for look to be getting some positive reviews.

Sadly, these next-gen updates have forced the release of Fallout: London to be pushed back, but highly-anticipated Fallout 4 mod should hopefully still drop sometime soon.

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