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Forget mechs, a new Helldivers 2 mod gives Fallout's T-60 power armour to Super Earth's forces

Terminid problem? It's ok, the Brotherhood of Steel's sending some kit to help out.

Fallout's T-60 power armour in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: Arrowhead/Graelyth on Nexus Mods

Sure, the base version of Helldivers 2 has plenty of cool tech and gear to strap yourself up with before you head into battle or deploy via stratagems. Though, I doubt any soldier of Super Earth would turn down a suit of the Fallout series' T-60 power armour, which is where a new mod comes in.

In case you're wondering, this is another fan-made addition to Arrowhead's FPS that comes courtesy of a new tool developed by the team behind the mod pack that can be used to transform the game into a Star Wars shooter. What they've developed to make texture editing in the game easier has been out less that a week, and had already allowed modders to chuck a bunch of gear from other games into Helldivers.

Having already swapped Lethal Company's iconic employee into the game, modder Graelyth's next port of call has been 'Fallout T-60 Power Armor', which does exactly what you'd expect. Gone is a variant of the B-01 tactical armor set and helmet, with the T-60 suit recently added to Fortnite as a skin having been drafted in to take their places.

As such, this power armour looks like it behaves more like the standard armour sets that Fallout 3 and New Vegas' sets were, which might be a bit of a shame for anyone who's expecting to be able to splatter bugs as the walking tank that Fallout 4's more vehicle-esque power armour transforms you into.

Still, as long as you remember to follow Graelyth's advice and pair this mod with one like Pyenzi's 'No More Capes' - in order to avoid pesky clipping issues - you'll look pretty cool in your shiny grey T-60, which might make the fight against whichever foe you're taking on a bit easier. Seriously, we don't know when or if that black hole might spit out some fresh baddies, but if it does, you want to look intimidating.

In the meantime, make sure to keep coming back and check out our regular updates on fresh developments in the ongoing Galactic War.

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