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Helldivers 2's Star Wars Clone Wars mod pack took "eight weeks of brute force" to make, and its creators aren't done

The end goal? It sounds like a total overhaul.

Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: Arrowhead/ToastedShoes on Twitter.

Remember the mod pack that basically transforms Helldivers 2 into something close to the ultimate Star Wars shooter? Well, despite how good what they've already made looks, the group of modders and creators behind it aren't done tweaking and adding to it yet.

Yep, stop listening to the weird whale music coming from the mysterious Meridia hole or getting on with the latest Major Order while you wait to see if The Illuminate rock up, here's an update on what Super Earth's finest Jar Jar roleplayers are planning.

In an interview with ScreenHub, YouTuber ToastedShoes, who's made a lot of the videos showing off what the mods can do, has discussed what the group's goals are for it going forwards.

"We would love to overhaul all the weapons, sounds, more skins, etc," he revealed. "Some stuff we can’t do due to limitations, but that would be the end goal." If you're wondering what kind of things those technical limitations have prevented the modders implementing so far, the YouTuber singled out sound mods and turning Helldivers 2's drop ships into the droid drop ships from the Star Wars prequels as two examples.

ToastedShoes also touched on how much effort it's taken for the group just to get the mod pack to the point it's currently at, saying: "The biggest challenges were reverse engineering the [Helldivers 2] game engine itself. It took eight weeks of brute force, but the guys got there in the end. They are literally the best at what they do."

As ever, modders prove that no task is too big for a group of folks who really like a game, provided they've got the know-how and tenacity. It'll definitely be interesting to see what folks can get up to mod-wise in Helldivers in the future, especially given ToastedShoes and co have just released a tool designed to make it easier for folks to edit the game's textures, meshes, and materials.

In the meantime, at least you can live out your clone wars fantasies and kill some bots that won't stop saying 'Roger, roger'.

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