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Did you dare to go offline and live in the real world last night? Sucks to be you as you probably missed an entire Helldivers 2 Major Order

Look, they're good at killing bugs very quickly, we know this.

The dude screaming in Helldivers 2's intro.
Image credit: Arrowhead

Did you blink during that latter half of July 10, 2024? Well, if so, there's a good chance you missed an entire Helldivers 2 Major Order, as Arrowhead let folks celebrate securing some battle station plans by blowing through an entire bug-killing goal in record time.

We've known that the amount of stuff the forces of Super Earth can kill in quick sucession defies the laws of maths for a while now, but it's the first time in a little bit those bug-killing talents have been put on full display like this.

"After having handled the Automaton pressure upon X-45 with heroism and style that would make any Commando proud, it is time to test out their arsenal upon the Terminid scum, for science," read the brief for this latest order, which I'm only really quoting because you might have missed actually getting to read it, "The Helldivers are tasked with eliminating bugs using a variety of weaponry to stress the terminid population into controlled but accelerated evolution."

Annnnd, by the time you got to about the word 'Terminid' in that, the order - or at the very least the first part of it - was done. Kill 100,000,000 bugs, Arrowhead said to the helldivers, and boom, there you go. Sorry, divers with real life families or friends you might have been busy with last night, it's donezo.

Guys we just started how have you done this?
by u/Hunter82_ in Helldivers

Cue Reddit posts saying things like "Guys, we just started how have you done this?", "I JUST GOT HOME", and "I’m almost wondering if they missed a zero". That last part and the fact it was against the Terminids look to be the big keys to this, with 100 million bugs not being anywhere near as much of a challenge as, say, having to kill a billion automatons might have been. Since that's an enemy type that typically doesn't try to overwhelm you with large numbers of comparatively weaker foes, and therefore seems to be a less popular target than the ol' bugs.

So, now it's back to waiting around for another MO, with some paranoid players believing that if Arrowhead delibrately designed this one to be something folks would blitz through as quickly as they have, the next order might come with the express intent of dragging their egoes back down to Super Earth via an especially tough task or unexpected surprise.

Did you miss getting your bug killing funk on in this last blink-and-you'll-miss-it order? Let us know below.

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