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Oh boy, Helldivers 2's latest Major Order might lead to Super Earth getting its mitts on a "powerful interplanetary battle station"

Hey now, you're a Death Star?

Some helldivers gathered around a console in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: Arrowhead

Wake up, folks who might've thought Helldivers 2 could do with a bit of a shot in the arm Galactic War-wise! A fresh Major Order's just dropped and it looks like it could lead to Super Earth getting its hands on "a powerful interplanetary battle station" down the line.

Aside from that bit of nice child saving and some tree climbing it's been in bit quiet for Super Earth on the war from since the Meridia black hole became a thing. However, following some recent chatter about the need for Arrowhead to potentially spice things up, that's exactly what it looks like is happening.

"The planet X-45 is home to a lost Advanced Weapons Lab from the First Galactic War, buried underneath rubble and abandoned due to dangerously high radiation levels across the planet," this fresh MO reads, "The Lab was working on development of a powerful interplanetary battle station. Now, with radiation levels abated to completely safe levels, excavation and recovery of the Lab's work can begin, which would allow the eventual construction of this battle station."

Naturally, this being Helldivers, the hostile forces of the universe aren't just gonna let you get digging for that lab in peace. "However, the Automatons have become aware of X-45's importance, possibly through malicious and deceitful cyber attacks, the order declares, "They have launched an opportunistic assault to rout our cut-off forces in the Ymir Sector."

New major order! Battle station soon!
by u/TheAncientKnight in Helldivers

"It is imperative that X-45 be held until the plans for the battle station are recovered," it concludes, "If they fall into the Automatons' actuators, the results could be disastrous."

As you can imagine, that fun little tease that managing to stem the tide and hold on to the snappily-named X-45 has already whipped players into a bit of a frenzy, with about 20,000 of them having flocked right to the planet. Plus, in a quite impressive bit of muntitasking, they're managing to speculate about what this battle station could look like in practice at the the same time.

"My money is on some sort of social hub or clan station," one wrote, "Maybe a test range for stratagems and such. Maybe have it linked to special use stratagems?" Just to give you both sides of the coin, another has suggested: "I get the feeling it's just gonna be a lore thing and we never get to see it in-game, and we instead get a firm handshake and a pat on the back."

What are you hoping this station might feature or look like, assuming Super Earth can fight hard enough to facilitate its construction? Let us know below!

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