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Helldivers 2's latest major order wants players to save some kids - their response? Sure, if you give us a new cape

Come on Arrowhead. Do the right thing.

A Helldivers 2 player wearing some Viper Commandos warbond armour.
Image credit: Arrowhead

Ok, so the latest Helldivers 2 major order is a bit of a tough one. Some poor helpless kids, some poor helpless raw ingredients for anti-tank mines. Players can only save one, and the good news is it looks like the kids might get the nod. Well, provided Arrowhead comes through with some nice rewards.

Who can blame them for wanting more stuff, to be fair. They've been hard done by in terms of news regarding upcoming warbonds and patches lately, with some of those definitely not scheduled to be deployed over the next couple of days.

"An emergency distress call from Vernen Wells describes thousands of civilian survivors trapped in the remains of Super Citizen Anne's Hospital For Very Sick Children," reads the brief for this latest order. "Food and water supplies are dwindling. Their survival even this long, after the fall of the SEAF Recruitment Facility on Vernen Wells, is remarkable. Without imminent rescue, they will soon perish of starvation, thirst, or Automaton butchery."

Unfortunately, it goes on to add that "a large explosives repository on Marfark" has also been identified, and is "very likely to contain the critical raw ingredients necessary to finally deploy MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines." So, here's the scenario: "Only the first planet liberated is likely to be saved. The Helldivers are trusted to determine which course of action – rescuing the children, or the AT Mines – will ultimately save the most Freedom."

So, that's a bit of a conundrum for folks to think on as they get on with the current battle to liberate Aesir Pass, which serves as the gateway to both planets. Which way are they trending? Well, in response to everyone immediately going 'sorry kids, it's a stratagem', an ironic momement in favour of the tykes has started on the game's subreddit.

"Please Arrowhead, if we save the kids, give us a cape made by the kids thanking us and/or children's drawings on our super destroyer. Do the right thing. Save the kids." reads one meme post containing a MS paint mock-up of whatsuch a cape could look like. That's not the only post doing this exact thing, by the way, alongside a bunch of posts wondering what the reward for saving the kids - aside from the obvious karma boost - could be.

Also, one of the moderators on the game's Discord looks to have changed their display name to that of Helldivers' iconic General Brasch and is ordering people to rescue the kids, declaring: "the lives of future divers must be saved".

Yup, just your average day in Helldivers 2ville then. Are you planning to help save Super Earth's kids? Let us know below.

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