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Uh oh, Helldivers 2's latest Major Order might come a cropper at the last minute, because people are too busy climbing trees

New biome, who dis?

A helldiver chilling next to some trees and a butterfly in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: Arrowhead

Helldivers 2 latest Major Order was looking pretty well sewn up in favour of Super Earth yesterday, with just a couple of planets left holding out, but with their libreration well within reach. Unfortunately for the current objective sticklers, Arrowhead's now provided folks with the option to explore a planet with a fresh biome instead - and a lot of them are taking it.

To be fair, given how busy they've been saving kids and reporting bugs recently, can you blame folks for wanting to take some time away from the front lines and enjoy some fresh scenery? Especially since - and this might be the trump card - you can fulfil that dream you had as a kid to climb up big trees.

Yup, you heard me, folks dropping onto Garcrux - the fresh planet with a jungle-inspired landscape that matches the vibe of the gear added in the last warbond - have discovered that you can get launched up onto the branches of the world's trademark trees. How? Well, not by climbing in the traditional sense, but by picking the right moment to hop atop a freshly dropped pod as it opens.

This, it seems, is at least part of the reason why, as of writing, there are 7,000 helldivers battling away on Garcrux even though it's not part of the MO. This might not be a problem if the rest of the folks fighting away at the objective only had one planet left to secure, but that ain't the case. With Estanu, Crimsica, and Hellmire under control, the majority of them are battling to liberate Nivel 43, leaving Fori Prime in a bit of a sticky situation.

You can hide up the trees Helldivers!
by u/ToffeeAppleChooChoo in Helldivers

Nivel should be freed in time for the order expiring in a day and a bit, but that last planet is looks like it'll be a bit more of a close run thing, especially if the Terminids up their efforts and manage to push things back to a stalemate anytime soon.

Natually, this has led some folks to bemoan the fact lots of their peers are taking a little holiday on Garcrux, with some calling on Arrowhead to incorporate new biomes like this into MOs in future, so you don't end up with situations where people are being forced to choose between grinding away and actually enjoying the fun new thing.

What do you reckon is the ideal solution and are you enjoying diving on Garcrux so far? Let us know below!

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