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Helldivers 2 gets cool Fallout, Titanfall 2, and Lethal Company crossovers thanks to a new modding tool

No, this isn't Fortnite. Or is it?

Outfits from Fallout new Vegas and Lethal Company modded into Helldivers 2.
Image credit: Arrowhead/Graelyth and Khameli0n on Nexus Mods.

Though it's taken a little while, Helldivers 2's modding scene looks to be starting to take off. This is all thanks to a helpful new tool developed by the folks behind a very cool Star Wars mod pack for it.

Instead of concentrating on taking part in the Galactic War - which currently sits in a bit of an unnerving state as folks wait to see if the Meridia black hole will actually trigger the arrival of The Illuminate - this group of modders has been busy digging into the game to make their creation possible. While they're not done with the Space Earth Clone Wars just yet, they've also released something that's allowing others to make some more fun Helldivers crossovers.

If you head to Helldivers 2's Nexus Mods page right now, you'll see that it's starting to fill up with skin swaps made with help from the Overlord Modding Team's 'Helldivers 2 Modding Tool for Blender 4.0'. This mod basically makes it easier for folks to edit Helldivers 2's textures, meshes, and materials using - as you might expect given the title - a Blender add-on.

Having previously been used by YouTuber ToastedShoes and co to create their Star Wars mods, it's now being used to bring skins and gear from a bunch of different games to the wardrobes of Super Earth's finest. If this slew of fresh creations, I'll start off with the one that's most up my alley - Khameli0n's NCR Ranger Helmet, which is a pretty cool Fallout New Vegas thing. While it is just the iconic riot gear helmet, rather than the full armour, you should be able to find plenty of base game outfits that'll look good alongside those glowing red eye sockets.

Aside from that, Graelyth's swapping out of the standard B-01 tactical armour set for the Lethal Company employee skin included in the hilarious horror game's recent Fortnite crossover. Yep, a crossover using another crossover, and it'll let you and your team pretend you're taking revenge on the Automatons for stealing your scrap.

Meanwhile, folks who just love FPS games with futristic theming, MajorGreen has added in Titanfall 2's pulse pilot helmet and AgentCrane's chucked Vannak-134's helmet from the Halo TV show in there.

These kinds of texture swaps typically represent baby steps when it comes to modding games, so as ToastedShoes says in the tweet above, it'll be interesting to see just how far modders can go when it comes to Helldivers 2 - even if the game's online nature and the anti-cheat measures it neccesitates will probably be a significant limiting factor.

In the meantime, make sure to keep coming back and check out our regular updates on fresh developments in the ongoing Galactic War.

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