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Genshin Impact Jueyun Chili locations and Jueyun Chili farming tips

Finding the spice of life

Finding the Genshin Impact Juyeun Chili locations is a bit more challenging than with some of the open-world RPG’s local specialties.

Jueyun Chili only grows in two parts of Liyue, neither of which you’ll likely get to for a while after starting the game.

Once you have a few and unlock the Serenitea Pot, though, you can grow your own and help offset the wait times back in the normal world.

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Genshin Impact Juyeyn Chili

What is Jueyun Chili for?

Jueyun Chili is an ascension material for a couple of characters and an ingredient in several Liyue dishes. Xiangling and Yaoyao need it to level up, but even if you don’t use either of them, the range of meals that call for it in Liyue cuisine makes keeping a stock of the peppers worthwhile.

Jueyun Chili locations

Genshin Impact Jueyun Chili locations: A map showing rivers and a valley with chili locations marked in the central hills

The first set of chilis you can find is in eastern Liyue, near the mountain pass southwest of Dawn Winery. There’s no nearby waypoint, so expect a bit of a trek to gather these. The nice thing is that all the chili plants have several peppers on them, so you get quite a few even in areas where there aren’y many plants.

Qingce Village Jueyun Chili locations

Genshin Impact Jueyun Chili locations: A map showing rivers and a valley, with chili locations marked around the village and to its southwest

A few plants are scattered at the village’s various levels, with two outliers on the western hill.

Jueyun Karst Chili locations

Genshin Impact Jueyun Chili locations: A map showing rivers, mountains, and a valley, marking chili locations on the lake shore and in the northeastern hills

Most of your chilis come from here, with over a dozen plants in the hills east of Qingce Peak and around the water’s edge south of Mt Aocang.

Tianqu Valley Jueyun Chili locations

Genshin Impact Jueyun Chili locations: A map showing rivers and a valley, marking out juyun chili locations in tianqiu valley

There’s a random set of two plants nestled in the ruins of Tianqu Valley.

Genshin Impact | Where to find Jueyun Chili in Qingce Village

As you enter Liyue, it’s tempting to make a beeline straight to the southeast corner to the main story quest marker.

However, you find Qingce Village in the northwest corner of Liyue, west of Wuwang hill, about level with Dawn Winery in the Mondstadt area.

As you make your way through this mountainous area, there’s a teleport waypoint on the eastern side of the village.

Leading up to the teleporter, there’s a flight of stone stairs set into the side of the hill.

On the side of the path next to these stairs is a really easy place to pick up Jueyun Chili in a group of three, which should be enough to ascend the character you need.

If you’d rather not search them out in their natural habitat however, I’ve found that you can also purchase Jueyun Chili from the food vendor in Liyue Harbor.

This isn’t the street vendor who sells grilled tiger fish, but the guy further up the street who sells different kinds of cooking materials.

Jueyun Chili farming tips

There’s no easy way to get the first set of chilis without climbing. Start from the waypoint at the pass and climb the cliffs to the east.

The Qingce Peak run is going to take a bit longer. Start from the Juyeun Karst waypoint, and work your way north along the path before taking a detour to the northeast. Scoop up the chilis here, and teleport to the northeastern waypoint to grab the outlier there.

Then warp to Mt Aocang and glide down to the east to reduce the amount of climbing necessary in getting the next batch. Go back to Mt Aocang and glide south to the lake, where you can scurry around and grab the chilis there.

Once you reach Inazuma and raise your reputation level there, you’ll acquire the Seed Dispensary gadget. Equip it when you harvest Juyun Chilis to pick up some seeds as well as chilis, and then take them to the Serenitea Pot, where you can plant them in the Luxuriant Glebe.

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