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Genshin Impact devs warn against using third party services to protect against phishing

Alongside general security advice, the company warned against websites promoting primogem top ups and more.

The developers behind Genshin Impact have released a blog post warning players against using third party websites and services following reports from users of logging into phishing sites from unknown sources.

Genshin Impact, a hugely popular gacha RPG, is built at its core around acquiring an in-game currency called primo gems. Using primo gems, players can pay to buy spins on wish banners, containing weapons and characters.

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With some characters having a very low drop rate on wish banners, you need a lot of gems to ensure you get the character you want. Primo gems can of course be bought with real money, resulting in a lofty real-world price tag to be attached to accounts with a vast collection of rare characters the the emergence of a black market around the game online.

Obviously, there are dangers to providing account details to unofficial websites and services, especially ones that operate in this black market for primo gems. Your account could get phished, resulting in the loss of your all your in-game assets. This is apparently what the team at Hoyoverse has uncovered as the source of suspicious activity on accounts.

It writes on the blog post: “In the process of checking accounts with security risks, we found that many of these accounts have logged in to third-party websites and applications from unknown sources. While we continue to crack down on illegal phishing websites and enhance account security through technical means.”

To help prevent this from happening, Hoyoverse has provided some typical pointers such as not using these websites in the first place, not giving out account details, and not using third-party plug-ins. So not exactly groundbreaking advice, but all good advice nonetheless.

This isn’t the first time Genshin Impact has gone through security issues in recent memories. It was only last year that hackers were abusing the game’s anti-cheat to ransom player’s operating systems. In the face of that, losing your account through the use of dodgy websites doesn’t seem so bad, at least for those of us without super valuable collections.

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