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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Mantis Paint Jobs and BD-1 skin locations

A fresh coat of paint for your trusty Mantis and faithful droid sidekick BD-1

Hidden in chests throughout the galaxy in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal can find new Mantis Paint Jobs and BD-1 skins to give his buddies a fresh style.

Cal already has his signature look on lock, but that doesn't mean your chums can't travel in style too. Here are the locations of where to find each and every Mantis Paint Job and BD-1 Skin in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Some of BD-1's colourways reference planets in the wider Star Wars universe like Yavin-4 and Stygeon Prime. While others are based on creatures and materials from the same lore.

The Mantis Paint Jobs on the other hand are more often referencing celestial terminology, or specific characters like the Millenium Falcon-esque Smuggler Paint Job and the distinctive green, red, and yellow of Boba Fett on the Bounty Hunter Paint Job.

All of these items are found in chests around the game's main planets. We've listed them in the rough order we acquired them in, which lines up with when you've unlocked the right powers to reach them in-game.

If you're looking for how to upgrade BD-1's powers, like with the Scomp Link, we have a full page on it here. Or if you want to give the interior of the Mantis a bit of colour, here's where to find all of Greez's Terrarium seeds.

For the rest of the customization items, here's where to find all of Cal Kestis' Ponchos and Outfit materials.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Mantis Paint Jobs

  • Starfighter - Auger Pulverizers - Zeffo

  • Charisma - Ancient Catacombs - Zeffo

  • Occultation - Weathered Monument - Zeffo

This is at the top of the Weathered Monument interior, where you get the Scomp Link, after you've completed the Tomb of Eilram and used Force Push to break open the crumbling door.

  • Racer - Brother's Bastion - Dathomir

Force Pull and throw a candle through the mouth of the statue to burn away the vines and reach the chest in this area.

  • Republic - Bogdo Sinkholes - Bogano

  • Perihelion - Gnarled Heights - Kashyyyk

  • Bounty Hunter - Imperial Refinery - Kashyyyk

  • Mercenary - Weathered Monument - Zeffo

  • Aphelion - Nightbrother Village - Dathomir

  • Smuggler - Nightmare Ruins - Dathomir

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order BD-1 Skins

  • Blue Leader - Derelict Hangar - Zeffo

In the Tomb of Eilram, there's a platform that raises behind the pictured ball socket - the chest with the skin inside is found at the highest point of the platform. You will need to move the ball out of the socket, get on the platform, and wait for it to roll back into the socket to get up there.

  • Bestine - Ice Caves - Zeffo

  • Swoop - Crash Site - Zeffo

  • Yavin Prime - Upper Strangled Cliffs - Dathomir

  • Z'Gag Wave - Great Divide - Bogano

  • Sundari Dawn - Cargo Pad - Kashyyyk

  • Stygeon Prime - Imperial Refinery - Kashyyyk

  • Sumi - Tomb of Miktrull - Zeffo

This chest is visible behind some vines. When you later acquire Force Pull, go to the bridge overlooking this chest and throw down a candle to burn away the vines.

  • Grungio - Crash Site - Zeffo

  • Cantonica - Venator Wreckage - Zeffo

  • Day of the Dianoga - Witches' Horn - Dathomir

  • Myrmidon - Nightmare Ruins - Dathomir

  • Tibana- Jedi Temple -Ilum

If you're trying to complete your chests, here's where to find all of the lightsaber parts and materials in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Or if you need secrets, here's where to find every Life and Force upgrade, as well as a page on how to max out your stim packs.

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