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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Stim Canister healing upgrade guide

Grab every healing Stim Canister upgrade you can find - you're going to need it!

Stim Canisters are the main healing items in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, so grabbing as many as you can is vital in your quest to save the galaxy.

Here's where to find absolutely every Stim Canister upgrade for BD-1, across Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk, and Dathomir in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

These are dark times for the galaxy. Without Jedi to protect the peace, the Empire has grown strong. In other words Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is tough, and you'll need every advantage you can get. The game takes heavy inspiration from brutal melee action games like Dark Souls and Sekiro, so you will need strong reflexes, determination, and a patient head to prevail.

Just like the Estus Flask in FromSoftware games, BD-1's Stim Canisters are your lifeline against the forces of evil, bringing you back from the brink when you need it most.

It is in your best interest then to collect as many Stim Canister upgrades as you can, so you can heal yourself without having to respawn enemies by meditating.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Stim Canister Upgrades

Bogano Stim Canister Upgrades

Binog Mesa - Return to the Binog Mesa after you’ve gotten the Wall Run on Bogano. Where you would have had to drop down before, you can run across the wall and get to a new area.

Then go down the hole on the other side into the Subterranean Refuge. This secret room houses a Stim Canister upgrade.

Landing Pad - Next once you’ve gotten the Force Push ability from the Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo, go back to Bogano and solve the ball puzzle underneath the ship.

To complete the puzzle you need to push the ball along the raised runway into the slot.

It can be tricky to line up, but try Force pushing it at an angle as the ball rolls back down the slope.

Zeffo Stim Canister Upgrades

Derelict Hangar - After you land on Zeffo, go down the path on to the right of the Mantis.

Jump up and you will see to enemies chewing on a Stormtrooper.

Follow this path all the way around to the left and you’ll see a side-path that you can jump to on your right.

It's dark inside, but keep following the path all the way around to the left, then to the right, then jump onto the top of the platform with the crate. This is where you’ll find the Stim Canister upgrade.

Imperial Dig Site - This one is sneakily hidden. When you've got the Powered Zip Line, go to the upwards zipline that leads back up towards the entrance lift.

Drop off of the zip line early and Cal can grab onto the bar here. Climb up and walk over to the left. Force Push the crumbling wall and you'll find the Stim Canister upgrade hidden here.

Ice Caves - After unlocking Force Pull in the Tomb of Mikrul, return to the Imperial Dig Site and pull the previously unreachable swing robes towards you.

Swing across and you'll get to a secret area in the Ice Caves with a Stim Canister upgrade.

Venator Wreckage - Once you unlock Jedi Flip, make your way through the entirety of the Venator Wreckage on Zeffo and look to your left when you get out of the top.

Kashyyyk Stim Canister Upgrades

Between Origin Lake and Shadowlands - On your second visit to Kashyyk, look behind you as you enter the Shadowlands area from Origin Lake.

Turn around and you should see a Stim Canister crate in the distance. Jump across the Lung Plants to get up to the Stim Canister upgrade.

Dathomir Stim Canister Upgrades

Nightmare Ruins - With the Jedi Flip power in your locker, return to Dathomir and make your way through the whole planet towards the Nightmare Ruins. When you get there, there's a side path to the right of the stairs up to the main door. At the end of the side path, there's a Stim Canister Upgrade.

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