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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Poncho and Outfit Material locations

Not even these awesome ponchos can repel Cal Kestis' drip

Take your futuristic fashion to the next level with the location of every poncho and outfit material in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

He might not be a full-blown Jedi Knight, but Cal Kestis sure knows how to rock a poncho. One of Star Wars' most recognisable features is its utilitarian fashion sense, so why not find all of the Poncho and Outfit materials in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to strut your stuff on catwalks from Kashyyyk to Coruscant.

Of all the capes and mantles found throughout the game, our favourite has to be the Starfighter Poncho teamed with the Pilot or Outlaw Outfit Materials for a near-perfect Luke Skywalker cosplay.

The Poncho and outfit materials are found in chests scattered throughout the galaxy, across all four main planets in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

We also have a page on where to find all of the lightsaber parts in chests, as well as every hidden Health and Force Upgrade, and all 10 Stim Pack upgrades.

As for BD-1 Upgrades, like the Scomp Link - here is where to look. Or if you're trying to finish off Greez's Terrarium, we have all the Seed locations here.

We’ve listed the Ponchos and Outfits in the rough order we found them, which follows the order that you can access them in-game.

Star Wars Jedi:Fallen Order Poncho locations

  • Bogano Dawn - Great Divide - Bogano

  • Bravo - Derelict Hangar - Zeffo

  • Wayfarer - Ice Caves - Zeffo

  • Hyper Shell - Crash Site - Zeffo

  • Sumi - Abandoned Workshop - Bogano after Force Push

  • Rainforest - Cargo Pad - Kashyyyk

  • Commando - Imperial Refinery - Kashyyyk

  • Serape - Imperial Headquarters - Zeffo

  • Offshore - Abandoned Workshop - Bogano

  • The Guardian - Kyyyalstaad Basin - Kashyyyk

  • Shyyyo - Origin Lake - Kashyyyk

  • Recon - Deserted Village - Kashyyyk

  • Rover - Origin Tree - Kashyyyk

  • Free Kashyyyk - Gnarled Heights - Kashyyyk

  • Fjord - Crash Site - Zeffo

  • Starfighter - Venator Wreckage - Zeffo

  • Savannah - Swamp of Sacrifice - Dathomir

  • Vagabond - Nightbrother Dungeon - Dathomir

  • Companero - Shattered Lake - Ilum

  • Homestead - Nightmare Ruins - Dathomir

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Outfit material locations

  • Pathfinder - Binog Mesa - Bogano

  • Guardian - Abandoned Village - Zeffo

  • Pilot - Gnarled Heights - Kashyyyk

  • Outlaw - Nightmare Ruins - Dathomir

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