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Life is Strange developer Don't Nod has teased a new game that looks very 90s

The Montreal-based studio is currently hiring for a number of roles.

Don't Nod, the original developer behind the Life is Strange series, has shown off a small teaser image for its next game.

It looks like Don't Nod has a few eggs in its basket at the moment, as the developer shared an image of one of its next projects on Twitter last week. The image has some strong 90s vibes, set in what looks like quite a cosy basement, complete with a fake cartridge-based gaming console, CRT TV, VCR, and set of VHS tapes to boot. "Here's a little glimpse of what Don't Nod Montreal is brewing!" reads the tweet. "Does it bring back childhood memories?"

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The main point of the tweet is to advertise that the developer is hiring at its Montreal studio, for a range of roles. Judging from the look of the image, this new game will probably be closer in style to Life is Strange or Tell Me Why. A bit of a contrast from the studio's latest reveal, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, which it revealed at The Game Awards last month.

Where Life is Strange more focuses on the narrative side of things, Banishers will be an action RPG, though it too will have you making various important decisions that affect the outcome of the story. Banishers is currently planned to launch on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, supposedly some time this year.

Obviously this recent teaser shows a very early look at whatever Don't Nod Montreal is working on, so there's no word on what platforms this game might be coming to, or even when we can expect it to release.

Don't Nod Montreal split off from the main Paris-based studio back in 2020, and it's led by Life is Strange executive producers and co-creators Luc Baghadoust and Michel Koch, so this recent tease having what looks to be that same DNA isn't that surprising.

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