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Life is Strange: True Colors is set to receive a prequel novel

The book will be the first ever novel tied to the series.

Life is Strange is set to receive its first novel for the episodic series, and it'll be a direct prequel to last year's game, True Colors. Announced via Twitter, the novel is expected to hit the shelves on March 21, 2023.

The novel, which will be subtitled Steph's Story, will follow main character Steph Gingrich and her bandmate, Izzie, as they go on tour. This is the same tour that eventually lands them in Haven Springs, where the game True Colors plays out.

This prequel is not the first time that Life is Strange has experimented with other mediums, with the series also having multiple comics attached to it since it's conception in 2015. These comics begin where the original game left off and the series of graphic novels only ended this year; if you've not yet read them, there's six volumes to catch up on. That said, you can obviously enjoy the Life is Strange games, and even the upcoming novel, without any prior reading!

Life is Strange: Steph's Story will be published by Titan Books and written by young adult author Rosiee Thor. Rosiee is an avid storyteller and already an author to multiple books, including Tarnished Are The Stars, Fire Becomes Her, and The Meaning of Pride.

As for the story itself, it'll be following the beloved character of Steph. Steph made her Life is Strange debut in Life is Strange: Before the Storm in 2017, before then returning as a more prominent character in 2021's True Colors.

Steph has been warmly received by the community, meanwhile, Izzie is yet another character that we don't know too much about. Izzie was first introduced in Life is Strange: True Colors, and is the first trans woman in the series. While it's already known that the pair were previously in a relationship and have since broken up, as well as in a since disbanded band together, it's likely that we might see how this went down in the novel.

The announcement on Life is Strange's Twitter suggests that fans should expect a synopsis for the novel, as well as preorder information, very soon. Are you looking forward to the latest Life is Strange endeavour?

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