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Playing Grand Theft Auto V on PC right now could put your computer at risk

Either stop playing immediately, or make sure a hench firewall is running while you play.

GTA Online, Los Santos Drug Wars character Dax is holding a rifle.
Image credit: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games.

It is not currently safe to play Grand Theft Auto V on PC, thanks to an exploit that allows hackers to execute code remotely and modify other players' PC files. While Rockstar is aware of this issue, it has yet to be fixed as of writing.

This exploit came to light late last week, with the full extent of its danger shared online over the weekend. Those affected have had their GTA V account “corrupted”, although the risks could become far more severe. This doesn’t just apply to GTA Online either, those who stick to the story mode are also at risk.

The Drug Wars update was the latest to hit GTA Online.

For an idea of what your account getting corrupted actually means, the video linked below shows a player stuck in the top-down loading screen when attempting to go online. You’ll be stuck like this indefinitely, soft locking your account. You can apparently fix this from deleting your Rockstar Games folder from your documents, but even so, it’s best to say clear.

According to Tez2, a Twitter user who monitors Rockstar games and has been posting updates on the ongoing situation over the weekend, Rockstar is aware of this issue and have been logging affected accounts prior. However, this obviously will not prevent nefarious actors from causing serious issues to your PC, but it may allow them to assist those who have ran into in-game issues. Even so, the exploit remains at large.

If comparable to anything, this is potentially as dangerous as the Dark Souls online security vulnerabilities from last year. To keep players safe, Bandai Namco turned the servers off across the entire series until the exploit was fixed. Whether or not Rockstar will do the same thing remains unclear, but while this path to players’ PCs remains open, it’s a rough time to be a GTA V fan.

If you’re a console player, check out our latest GTA Online Weekly Update. If you’re on PC, don’t risk it! Free cars and RP bonuses come and go, don’t do it!

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