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Yes, there is a Grand Theft Auto movie. No, it's not what you think it is

It does involve stealing cars, at least.

As it turns out, there is actually a Grand Theft Auto film, but uh, it doesn't really have anything to do with, well, Grand Theft Auto.

When most people see the words Grand Theft Auto, they're probably thinking of the fourth best-selling video game franchise of all time, and not the 1977 road action comedy film written, starring, and directed by Ron Howard (or even just the legal definition). Yes, that's right, an entire 20 years before the birth of GTA as we know it, there was a film all about doing just what the name suggests - that is, stealing a whole bunch of cars.

The original Grand Theft Auto.Watch on YouTube

Grand Theft Auto (we're still talking about the film here) was actually Howard's feature film directorial debut, though these days you're probably most familiar with him as being the voice of the narrator in Arrested Development. He's also the father of Jurassic World's Bryce Dallas Howard, which given their shared ginger hair and surname, shouldn't really come as too much of a shocker.

The plot doesn't sound like anything particularly special, following Howard's character and his rich girlfriend as they steal her dad's Rolls Royce and head off to Vegas to get hitched. Shenanigans then ensue as her parents, ex-fiance, and what seems like just about anyone else who could do so follow in pursuit, with plenty of car crashes to boot. Legendary B-Movie producer Roger Corman served as executive producer on Grand Theft Auto, and yeah, it certainly looks like most of the film's $602,000 budget was spent on crashing cars.

Funnily enough, though, back in the distant year of 2008, a remake of Howard's film was reportedly planned, but before it was determined to be a remake, many reported it as being a film adaptation of the video game series. It might not be the GTA you're familiar with but, according to the GTA 6 trailer that was released 14 hours early, the upcoming sequel isn't due out until 2025. So you might as well pop on Grand Theft Auto to kill some of that time!

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