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The GTA 6 trailer is online now, 14 hours ahead of schedule

It seems Rockstar can't catch a break from leaks

Image credit: Rockstar

If you haven't already, you must check out the much anticipated trailer for GTA 6:

How is it already up, you ask? Well, because a naughty person leaked it, prompting someone at Rockstar to post an uncharacteristically exasperated tweet unveiling it officially, almost 14 hours ahead of schedule. We don't blame them for being annoyed, given the difficulties that Rockstar has had with leakers and hackers during this game's development.

If there is one silver lining for Rockstar, though, it's that people wouldn't be so determined to get a hold of GTA info if it wasn't so beloved. Hype has been at fever pitch for the next GTA for almost as long as the last GTA has been in people's hands.

As for the trailer? It looks incredible. It's clearly captured in-engine, as all Rockstar trailers are, and it really shows off how their character animation and photorealistic rendering has been subject to a huge generational leap since GTA V. This new version of Vice City is a sprawling, hyper-detailed island metropolis that maintains much of the vibe of the classic GTA Vice City game but with a modern twist: an emphasis on social media vlogging, GTA's first ever female protagonist, and a seemingly more mature tone in contrast with previous games.

GTA 6 screenshot of the female protagonist in a car
The visuals are ridiculously good. | Image credit: Rockstar

Tonally, it looks like it sits somewhere between GTA V's manic Hollywood excess and Red Dead Redemption 2's existential lament. If that sounds a bit heavy, and you're the sort of person who prefers GTA games to be a bit stupid, we've dubbed over the trailer with fart noises to redress the balance:

The new serious tone a bit much? Try it with some flatulence.Watch on YouTube

The worst thing about the trailer? That release year. 2025. Two-thousand and twenty-five. Well, at least everyone with a game coming out in 2024 can breath a huge sigh of relief now. Better hope you don't have any major delays, guys.

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