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GTA Online's big summer update will let you live out your dodgy reality TV bounty hunting dreams, via a new business

Ah yes, the life of a person who smells terrible and knows a lot about bail bonds - every millionaire's fantasy.

Some bounty hunters in GTA Online.
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Good news, people who're still playing GTA Online, Rockstar's just revealed the new thing its next major update - which is coming this summer - will let your protagonist add to their ever-growing CV. It's professional bounty hunting, in case you were wondering.

After all, what better way to get ready for GTA 6 in fall 2025 and the array of sweaty Florida men it'll use to shape its unique experience, than by taking on the guise of a sweaty, gun-toting vigilante who's basically allowed to use whatever means necessary to enforce the rules of a justice system, right? Ok, so maybe the only thing it'll adequately prep you for is wearing aviators 24/7.

As noted in Rockstar's latest newswire post, this "next major update" to GTA 5's huge online bit will let you found "your very own bail enforcement and bounty hunting business" - expanding your investment portfolio into yet another scummy corner of the market. While it'll let you "clean up the roving reprobates of Southern San Andreas", it's unclear whether this update'll include any changes to the exciting system that exists for putting collectable bounties on other players.

Alongside that, there'll be some new "off-the-books enforcement activities across Los Santos", given out by Vincent - that cop from the Cluckin’ Bell farm raid update which dropped back in March. If you're not in the mood for work, the addition of the ability to create your own custom drag and drift races via, er, the creator sounds pretty cool.

For those craving simple quality of life updates Rockstar's also increasing the sell Mission timer "to make it easier for solo players taking on Biker and Gunrunning sales" - which'll be music to every grinder's ears - as well as buffing some planes and, most importantly, making sure snacks automatically replenish when you launch most of the game's missions.

There's also the suggestion that this won't be it when it comes to what's dropping later this month, so we'll have to see what else might pop up.

Also, if you're interested, some intriguing details about the game Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser is currently working on at Absurd Ventures, the studio he established after departing the GTA developer, have emerged recently.

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