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Take-Two says Rockstar is aiming for "an experience that no one has seen before" with GTA 6, seemingly forgetting how wild Florida actually is

Like, they know nothing can truly replicate Florida, right?

Image credit: Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 6 is essentially locked-in for a fall 2025 release date, and the CEO of the game's publisher Take-Two has said it's "highly confident" it can make that date.

Last week, Take-Two graced us with the information that GTA 6 will finally be releasing sometime in fall 2025, a wait of more than a year, but a wait that should feel easier now that we have a rough release window. Now, in an interview with CNBC, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked about the upcoming open-world game's release, including how the publisher is feeling about it. Zelnick was asked about how a release date is generally determined internally, where he noted how you can look at the "number of bugs in a title" to figure out how far along the game is. "For example every one of us will make sure we have as few bugs in a title as possible before we launch.

"However in the case of an extraordinary title, for which there are extraordinary expectations, it's not really about bugs. It's about creating an experience that no one has seen before, and Rockstar Games seeks perfection. Perfection is hard to measure." Now, for one, I'm not exactly sure that Rockstar can make an experience no one has seen before, considering GTA 6 is a sequel so how different can it really be? But also, that first trailer clearly shows how Rockstar is tapping into the wildness that is simply the state of Florida, something that could never truly be replicated simply because of how much unbelievable nonsense happens there on a day to day basis.

Still, Take-Two is feeling confident about that late 2025 release window at the very least, saying, "there is slippage in the industry and we're not immune from that. However we narrowed the timing because we are highly confident in that timing." We're still waiting on a proper gameplay showcase for GTA 6, but I'm sure that will come once Rockstar is ready.

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