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Jim Trinca

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Video Producer

Jim has adored video games since the Amiga days. He’s an only child, and is old enough to remember when nobody had the internet: that’s probably why he loves single-player games. Story-driven RPGs, vast open-worlds full of cities to explore, triple-A action adventures with bombastic set pieces, driving sims where you can just stick a playlist on and hit the road… if there’s a bit of escapism going with no other humans involved, you’ll probably find it in his Steam library. His favourite series is Assassin’s Creed, but he also loves The Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, GTA, and The Witcher.

He’s been active in the games industry for over a decade, getting his professional start as the video producer at under Tom Orry. He’s now the video producer at VG247 under Tom Orry. In the years between those roles he co-founded a production company that made hours and hours of dev diaries, behind-the-scenes videos, and gameplay trailers for dozens of game studios you’ve heard of (and quite a few that you haven’t).

When he’s not messing around with video games, he’s obsessing over Star Trek, listening to history books, and tending to an ungrateful cat.