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Which games have aged like a fine wine, and why is everyone so mad at our guest host?

There's nothing graceful about the Best Games Ever podcast episode 104

Jim and Connor having emotions in a British Pub
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What’s the best birthday present you could ask for? Is it a new episode of the Best Games Ever podcast, with a new guest host? Well, if so, you’re in luck.

Most games age like milk in the hot sun. But some are so bold, so brilliant, that they transcend their contemporary era, remaining relevant and highly playable for years or even decades following their release. But which of these has most aged like a fine bottle of fermented grapes, mashed between someone's manky toes? To find out you'll simply have to knock back a tall glass of The Best Games Ever podcast episode 104: The Best Game that has aged like a Fine Wine via the methods handily listed below. Or not, it's up to you, I'm not your mum.

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