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New Doom rumoured as Xbox June showcase approaches

This would mark the first new entry in the reboot since 2020.

Doom Guy fighting a demon super imposed over a blurred image of various game posters.
Image credit: iD Software

It's looking like Microsoft is gearing up for a new Doom reveal, as a new report touches on the potential sequel following the closure of two beloved studios.

It's been a good few years since we've last seen a new Doom game from iD software, but it seems that there might be one on the docket in Xbox's upcoming summer showcase. According to a new report from The Verge, Microsoft is seemingly planning on announcing a new Doom title during this showcase, though the report is more hinting at this fact than outright saying it. A new game would make sense though - Doom Eternal is the most recent entry in the series, having been released in 2020. It was met with generally favourable reviews, including from us at VG247, but there's been no official word on another one since then.

We have actually heard about a new Doom game relatively recently unofficially, though. As part of some leaked documents that came as part of its trial with the FTC, some upcoming titles were seemingly leaked in fiscal year predictions. One of those games was titled Doom Year Zero, which hadn't been revealed at the time, and still hasn't been, so this is likely what we can expect from a summer showcase reveal (though bear in mind the name could have changed since then, as it was originally projected to release in 2023).

A new Doom announcement would be a bit of a boon for Microsoft at the moment. One of the other titles listed in the leak was a Ghostwire: Tokyo sequel, except this is highly unlikely to happen now as just last week Microsoft made the decision to shut down both Redfall and Prey developer Arkane Austin, as well as The Evil Within and Hi-Fi Rush developer Tango Gameworks. That leaves Xbox much poorer when it comes to talent, so it'll need a good showing to make up for some heavy losses. The showcase is expected to show off the latest Call of Duty, and a leak did also suggest a Gears of War 6 reveal, but we'll just have to wait until June to see what it has in store.

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