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The best FREE games we'd love to PAY FOR – SUBS ONLY

As the old saying goes: the best things in life have a flat upfront cost and no microtransactions.

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Welcome to the inaugural SUBS ONLY edition of VG247's Best Games Ever Podcast! Generally speaking, we're aiming to keep the main show to a slim half our of panel show delight, while this special extended edition will be around an hour, containing a special extra segment and some general Inside Baseball sort of noodling and arguing. The real stuff that Proper Fans love to get a piece of.

Firstly, thank you so much for subscribing. It's no secret that the media landscape in general is a difficult one right now, particularly in the games industry, and so direct support from readers/listeners/viewers is a vital part of the mix that keeps publications like ours going. As this is your special subscriber content, I'd love to know from you what it is you'd like us to use it for. As well as extending our panel show podcast, would you like us to add more general gaming discussion? Get an insight into the industry side of things from our perspective? If anything comes to mind, please let us know in the comments! For now, please enjoy the first Extended Edition VG247 Best Games Ever Podcast via the handy methods listed below.

Inspired by the recent free drop of current viral sensation Content Warning – a co-op survival “shooter” about making spooky FauxTube videos with three of your mates – this week’s Best Games Ever podcast is all about freebies that we’d happily pay for.

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