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What’s the best game that had the worst reveal trailer? The Best Games Ever Podcast episode 102

They say that the first impression is the most important, so even if your game is great, you’d better not botch the announcement.

The trolley problem featuring Tom Orry and Todd Howard on the tracks
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Many great games have suffered from poor marketing. Sometimes they’re advertised to entirely the wrong demographic. Other times, they’re partnered with uncool or problematic brands. A lot of the time they’re just hard to explain, and need to be experienced to properly understand, so unless you can get a significant number of people to try a demo you’re going to struggle. This, incidentally, is why our much maligned profession still has value for consumers in the age of YouTube. At least that’s what I tell myself at night when the existential dread kicks in.

But sometimes there are good games that are just hobbled by a botched first impression. A pre-rendered reveal trailer, perhaps, that contains no actual scenes or assets from the game in question and doesn’t even work as a tone piece. The recent reveal trailer for Dragon Age: The Veilguard, which inspired the theme of this episode, seemed like one of these. Indeed, some people initially wondered if it was some kind of Fortnite tie-in, given how removed it felt from the Dragon Age they knew. However, a proper twenty minute gameplay reveal the following day has, thankfully, eased a lot of people's concerns. Phew.

So, what have our esteemed panel come up with for good games that had crap reveal trailers? Find out in the latest edition of The Best Games Ever Podcast, handily presented to you right here on this web page or app that you’re reading this on.

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