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Inspired by Dune 2, what's the best game with a load of sand in it?

What's course, rough, and irritating, but gets nowhere? It's the VG247 podcast!

Three podcast hosts reacting to a Dune worm with Anakin Skywalker's head poking out of it.
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It's been long and arduous road to something resembling a worthy adaptation of Frank "dirty" Herbert's sand-based epic Dune, but with the recent release of Denis Villeneuve's Dune 2, we can safely call that one done. I just hope we get enough sequels for the films to start covering such nonsense as half-worm emperors and chair dogs.

Aside from the various video game adaptations of Dune - from classic RTS games to modern upcoming survival games - there have been plenty of games that effectively use the desolation and devastation of desert sand. Who can forget the arresting third act of Uncharted 3, or the Tatooine section of KOTOR, or the grand majesty of Assassin's Creed Origins, with its ambitious recreation of sun-drenched North Africa?

But which sandy game is the best one, according to our lovely panel? If Alex Donaldson was in this episode, he'd have picked Fifty Cent: Blood on the Sand, but he isn't. To find out what was actually pitched, listen to The Best Games Ever Podcast!

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