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The Best Games Ever Show 100th Episode Quiz: PART TWO

Who wins? Who loses? Who kicks off about the rules? Find out in the second part of our enormous buzzer episode.

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There's now a premium, extended version of this podcast that you can get as a VG247 paid subscriber - check out our Support Us page for more info. Doing so helps ensure that we can keep making the show! But don't worry if that's not for you, the main show will always be free.

To recap: for the 100th episode we decided to come up with 100 episode topics and blow them all on one huge quiz round, with individual buzzers and everything. Inviting some favourite guests to return (Owen, Richie, and Burns) with the promise that, yes, however many points you score in this mammoth episode will be added to your overall total for the series. This has caused some friction at VG247 Towers, which you'll get to enjoy the fallout from in Episode 101: The best game for losers.

For now, why not sit back and enjoy Part Two. We've included both parts on this page so you can do them both back to back if you want. Cor, aren't we nice. Here's to another 100!

Watch the video version of The Best Games Ever Show here:

PART ONEWatch on YouTube
PART TWOWatch on YouTube

Listen to the audio version of The Best Games Ever Show here:


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