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Ian Higton's bum guffs: The Best Games Ever podcast episode 103

What are the best games that didn't live up to their hype? Find out within.

Ian Higton doing a bum guff
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Still inspired by last week's topic, we thought we'd flip it on its head an ask perhaps an even more pertinent question in an age of decade-long marketing campaigns: what's the best rubbish game that had a great reveal trailer?

Baffled by the concept of how a rubbish game can be "best"? Listen, don't worry about it. Games media is full of this contradictory rubbish. We often say things like, for example, "a good 7/10 game is better than a bad 9/10 game". And it makes a perverse sort of sense. Except when it doesn't.

Speaking of perverse, this week we're lucky enough to welcome Eurogamer's Ian Higton onto our humble little show. He's only the second person from Eurogamer we've managed to snag, because those guys are usually too busy coming up with cheap puns, but his showdown with Tom in his debut episode is one for the ages. We're also joined by Connor, who seemed determined to sabotage himself this week but blame it on Jim (me). Typical.

To find out why Connor lost, and who won out of Tom Orry and Ian Higton, you'll just have to watch or listen to this week's exciting installment of The Best Games Ever podcast via one of the handy methods below. And no, we don't know why Jim is once again wearing sunglasses and a bandana. Apart from the fact that he's a riddy.

Watch the video version of The Best Games Ever Show here:

Check out the video version of The Best Games Ever podcast. You should watch it, that way you can see the anguish on Connor's face when he realises he's played himself.Watch on YouTube

Listen to the audio version of The Best Games Ever Show here:

This is the audio. You should listen to it, that way you don't have to look on in horror as Mark's shredder gambit fails for a second time.

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