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Is No Rest for the Wicked worth a punt on early access, or should you wait for the full release?

Moon Studios’ grand genre-crossing experiment is a beautiful and compelling tease, but there’s a long way to go.

I have mixed feelings about the early access model. It’s a great way for studios to get projects off the ground, a much needed part of the funding mix in an age of ballooning budgets and perilously long development cycles. But as a consumer, you’re essentially paying to be a play tester. So while I’m glad it exists as one of the ways to get games made in the first place, I find it deeply unattractive as a proposition.

There are times, though, such as in the case of recent early access triumph Baldur's Gate 3, where it works beautifully for players as well as creators. Given that No Rest for the Wicked is similarly ambitious in scope, potentially offering vast and endless replayability following a 1.0 release, is it worth diving into sooner rather than later?

And what is it, exactly? A Soulslike? A Diablo clone? A Rogue-lite? For the video above I sat down with site contributor Sherif Saed, who’s been putting the game through its paces for some weeks, to find out exactly what the craic is.

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