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No Rest for the Wicked finally lets you remap controller buttons in its biggest update yet

No Rest for the Wicked continues to get better, and this most recent patch has delivered a lot of new and highly-requested features.

No Rest for the Wicked
Image credit: Moon Studios

No Rest for the Wicked players have waited a long time for this one, but the second major Early Access patch for the action RPG has finally arrived. This is easily the game’s biggest update, releasing a little over one month after launch.

Early Access Patch 2 brings the often-requested feature to change button remaps on controllers, as well as the ability to wield weapons even when you do not meet their required stats.

For No Rest for the Wicked’s one month anniversary, Moon Studios delivered the big update this week. Not being able to remap the buttons on controllers always stood out as a strange omission, so I’m glad it’s finally here.

Alongside that, a major quality of life improvement comes in the form of Weapon Tryout, which essentially means you can equip any weapon you come across, even if your character does not meet its required stats. This is something most RPGs offer, with the tradeoff being that you’re going to deal far less damage. This is now also the case in No Rest for the Wicked.

Speaking of things that sit in your inventory, the patch made it possible to dock items for easier comparison. Simply pressing Y/Triangle on your controller will let you compare that item with any other you hover your cursor over.

The other major feature in this patch is the ability to respec your character. If you visit the statue in the Cerim Crucible Atrium and interact with it, you’ll be given the option to reallocate Attribute Points. It’s not free, however, as every point you reallocate will cost one Fallen Ember.

The quality of life changes continue, with the much improved stamina HUD brightness, making it easier to see in combat. In fact, you can now control the brightness of individual HUD elements like the stamina wheel, NPC name tags and so on. Another HUD visibility tweak comes to the bumper buttons for equipment, which is specifically targets Steam Deck.

Vendor screens are now also sorted by item type, and there’s a floor indicator for Cerim Crucible floors, too, which you can see under the clock HUD. The patch adds DLSS 3.7 and FSR 2.2 upscaling support, alongside a host of CPU and GPU optimisations to improve game performance.

For an overview of the changes, watch the video above. And visit the game’s blog on Steam for the full set of patch notes.

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